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Jacquemus invites us to dream inside their bedroom inspired boutique

jacquemus boutique store pillow display

Jacquemus’ new boutique stores in London and Paris designed by AMO have us dreaming of stepping inside for a gentle dose of retail respite.

exterior of jacquemus boutique store

With the seating area carefully framed by the window, it’s clear to see the store is more than just a space to shop; it invites passers-by to step inside and instantly feel at home, to be more precise our bedrooms. 

The design of the Jacquemus boutiques in London and Paris began with the idea of testing the limits of working with a single material.

Drawing from the brand’s origins in the south of France, AMO aimed to capture the atmosphere of Jacquemus’ native Provence through the materiality of the spaces.

Instead of working with form and deciding on the materials afterwards, the materials were chosen at the outset, guiding the shape of the space through the design process.

From pillows reminiscent of the textiles of Provence to terracruda, a clay-based material echoing the landscape of the south of France, the boutiques are clad entirely in a single material, creating continuity throughout each space.

jacquemus boutique store terracruda

In the store at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, the walls, doors, fitting room, and display elements are upholstered in white cushioning, exuding the ease and comfort of a day spent in bed, a very special retail experience.

A stack of pillows doubles as a seating area and display surface, welcoming visitors into an immersive cosy cloud haven.


“It is a cocooning and relaxed atmosphere, inviting customers to lounge and browse for as long as they want”

OMA partner Ellen van Loon


The store at Selfridges in London, with its floor and shelving, totems, plinths, tables and chairs made from terracruda, is populated by items on display and customers alike, adding a twist to the abstracted image of a domestic Provençal interior.

Applied by hand, the material preserves a level of irregularity, which gives the design a sense of naturalness and craftsmanship.

jacquemus boutique store shelves

jacquemus boutique store

jacquemus bedroom inspired boutique store

jacquemus pillow boutique store

jacquemus boutique store pillow display

Photographs by Benoit Florençon, Courtesy of AMO

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