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Jessica Den Hartog transforms plastic waste into art


Jessica den Hartog transforms plastic waste into art and graphic objects with the aim of informing and inspiring the viewer about the value of waste, and though the project you see below is not recent, we’d leek to share what is possible with recycled plastics from a joyful perspective. The artist says that she wants to dedicate herself to aesthetically and structurally enhance the possibilities of plastic.


As a designer, Jessica manages the entire process herself. From collecting plastic waste, and recycling it to designing and creating unique products. The collections are various studies into the design of material, colour and forms to design products.


“I have a fascination for plastic, because of all the material options and the choice of colours. I would like to share my expertise on how to receive with plastic waste.”


Jessica has found joy in teaching 3 days a week at Nimeto Utrech a creative MBO school. She finds value in sharing with others the unique and beautiful craft that can come from otherwise discarded plastic.


“I like to create the feeling that we as a person can provide added value by working with waste and finding the beauty in this material.”



One of Jessica’s most innovative crafts projects was a collaboration with Envisions x Ecoo Jessica was invited to join Envisions for their ‘Recycled Plastics in Process’ project.



Ecoo recycles household plastic waste into new products. By transforming all household residual plastics into sustainable garden products, Ecoo is helping to eradicate single-use plastics from the world.


With Ecoo, we annually recycle about 22,000 tonnes of residual plastic from 11 million Belgians into new products. In doing so, we not only use existing raw materials in a more meaningful way, but we also help to eradicate throw-away products from the world.

Koen Verhaert, co-founder of Ecoo


In ‘Recolored’, one of Jessica den Hartog’s earlier works, she conducted extensive research into the separation of colours and the aesthetic applications of plastic waste.


By covering the top layer of the Ecoo boards with a granular layer sorted by colour, she creates a pleasurable play with colour, depth and layering on the recycled boards.

A typical feature of the Ecoo boards is the whimsical mix of colours created by a blend of shrink wraps, plastic bags, carrier bags and other types of plastic film. The Board panel is a versatile, sturdy panel and is an excellent sustainable alternative for applications in design.

Jessica-Den-Hartog-Eclectic-Trends-recycled-boards- earth-blue-tones


For more inspiration on sustainable craft visit Jessica Den Hartog’s website here.

See Jessica’s colourful and inspiring exhibitions below.



All images courtesy of Jessica Den Hartog

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