Car modelling clay repurposed by Johanna Seelemann

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Have you ever wondered how first car prototypes can be made? Car modeling clay is typically used to create 1:1 prototypes of new car designs. Johanna Seelemann models with wax-based material that is re-purposed in this work to make stable products but remain ever-transformable for the user.

Industrial clay inherits the political weight of car design in Germany based on societal and economic dependencies. While the obsolescence of desirability is a driving motor for object evolution and corporate power, it can also tell the story of the human hand in the generation of mass-produced objects through a form of industrial craftsmanship that relies on the age-old art of sculpture.”

- Johanna Seelemann


Seelemann acknowledges with Terra Incognita the adaptable qualities of her graduate project at the Design Academy Eindhoven while modeling the industrial clay to develop a series of abstract, multi-purpose furniture pieces. The designs of the pieces have been developed in collaboration with automotive designer Daniel Rauch. You can still admire her pieces at the Design Parade in Hyères (France) until September 05, 2021.



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