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Kajsa Cramér ceramics

Jeanette knowing my love for porcelain ceramics sent me the other day this link of a Swedish ceramist and I’d love to share today these images. Kajsa Cramér has been working with clay for almost 15 years being at the same time a full time interior designer. After an intense learning program she decided to dedicate her full time to attend ceramics and its potential and obstacles ( I know exactly what she is talking about:-)

Jeanette conoce demasiado bien mi amor por la cerámica en porcelana y me envió el otro día un link de una ceramista sueca, y quisera compartir este descubrimiento. Kajsa Cramér toca el barro desde hace 15 años combinando su trabajo como diseñadora de interiores. Después de un intenso aprendizaje, decidió de dedicarse full time a la cerámica con todo sus posibilidades y también sus obstáculos (como la entiendo:-)

She primarily works with porcelain clay and fired at a high temperature it turns somewhat transparent. It is utterly important for her to create unique items and keep it that way. Those could have been my own words, love to read that statement. Whenever I play around, I try to keep all my pieces one of a kind not producing them in series. It’s nice to discover a fellow soul!

Ella trabaja ante todo la porcelana a alta temperatura porque entonces se vuelve bastante transparente. Es de los más importante crear piezas únicas y mantenerlo también así. Estas podrían haber sido mis propias palabras, me ha gustado mucho oírlo. Cuando yo experimento con lo mío, siempre intento también no repetir exactamente la misma pieza. Es bueno saber que hay alquién más que piense así.



How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Thank you, Gudy and Jeanette, for the introduction to Kajsa Cramér’s beautiful work. I was just saying to a friend the other day how we would love to take a ceramics class together one day, so this is perfectly timed inspiration!

    1. Hi Will, I will probably give in the future my own ceramic classes in Barcelona.That could be a nice reason to meet again, right? :-)

    1. Geraldine, I am so happy! I have never seriously thought about giving ceramic classes even I travel the world training. I just had several requests lately and I will seriously start thinking about a creative workshop plus a shopping tour with a cultural program. What do you think?

  2. Dear Gudy, how lovely to see you made a post about this! And I do agree with Geraldine over here, your work is beautiful. One day I´ll be in Barcelona learning by you :) Wish you a lovely week my friend. xx

    1. Thank you, Jeanette for sending me the tip. It is so inspiring to see what other “makers” do! And I’d love to have you here one day!xx

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