Former caves are converted into contemporary interiors in Italy: La Dimora di Metello

Cave hotel Matera - Eclectic Trends

Today we have the most gorgeous example of a successful mix of contemporary interiors and antique walls. If – at first glance – this looks like a cave to you, then you are right! It does, because these used to be ancient housings.

Located in Matera, a southern – italian village, this town is world famous for cave-dwellings. Carved thousands of years ago, these caves that were once homes and churches have recently been turned into a contemporary tourist hotel. The hotel La Dimora di Metello was designed by Manca Studio where they created a few universal and private areas like a spa, including four exclusive suites.

The cave hotel La Dimora di Metello - Eclectic Trends

Next to the details made of stone, another favorite material is used: blonde wood. Neutral palettes of softened cognac and sand are added by delicate fabrics. This way, an understated but luxurious atmosphere is created and no distraction is given – it must be an overwhelming and sensuous feeling to experience these contemporary caves.

Cave hotel Matera - Eclectic Trends

Cave hotel Matera - Eclectic Trends

The hace hotel La Dimora di Metello - Eclectic Trends

Cave hotel Matera - Eclectic Trends

Cave hotel Matera - Eclectic Trends

Cave hotel Matera - Eclectic Trends Cave hotel Matera - Eclectic Trends

The overall feel of these interiors shows perfect analogies to the Earth Color Trend we developed for AW 2016/17 and even speaks to the next one that is Austerity AW 2017/18.

To underline the natural look of the walls they used tuff, a material that is produced from volcanic ash. This way an interplay of the textured surface adds a roughness and smoothness at the same time which adds a very subtle natural experience to the rooms.


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