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LAMB Stockholm creates workplaces actually fit for humans

Eclectic-Trends-Lamb Stockholm-entry

“We simply create workspaces that are actually fit for humans. And if that sounds like common sense, that’s because it is.”



We start today’s post with an impactful quote.

How often do we really consider if our workplace is a healthy environment? And what does a healthy workplace fit for humans actually mean? The founders at Lamb share that they absolutely loved their big corporate jobs. They were hell-bent on giving it all. They wanted work to energise them. To inspire them. To fill them with a sense of achievement. Yet their work environments just weren’t conducive to being anything like the people they knew they could be. No one sets out to create a toxic workspace, of course. Yet they saw first-hand how bad habits have a, well, habit, of spreading. And very easily, very quickly and completely accidentally, unhealthy behaviours are deeply institutionalised.
But the good news? They can be changed. They learned how to make small shifts to stay resilient, healthy, creative and productive. And the mind-blowing positive impact of these shifts on all aspects of our lives proved they had to create LAMB.

Eclectic Trends Lamb Stockholm entry


The three ambitious founders of Lamb have created a fully sustainable, fully serviced member workspace in the heart of Stockholm, a safe, inclusive and inspiring workspace that’s turned the office into a holistic and joyful experience within itself.


“We give the best part of our lives to work. Imagine if it gave us something incredible back?”


The Story

Every time Lamb looked at the workplace, the most essential things humans needed to thrive were curiously (and terrifyingly) absent, and what did Lamb find in their absence:

Productivity issues, low engagement, stress, burnout.

LAMB aims to change everything. With feeling well built deep into the design, cues and culture, their workspaces make it as easy as humanly possible for anyone to feel as human as possible.

How does Lamb put their core drivers into practice? 

By using their 3-step methodology…

1. Design

Simple shifts were considered; interior design, acoustics, sustainability, strategic space use and colour were all compulsory factors contributing to building a healthy workspace.

2. Establish healthy cues and cultures

With advice around signage, digital cues and managerial training, Lamb aims to help you create an environment where feeling good isn’t just encouraged, it’s lovingly engineered.

3. Education

If people don’t know (or care) what’s in it for them, they’re unlikely to ever change. Lamb’s hands-on workshops and simple how-to steps unite everyone behind the benefits of sustainable shifts. Connecting new habits to individual needs makes change both desirable and achievable. While a focus on team effort cements the healthy practices and cultural norms that change work forever.


What else can you expect from a healthy working environment? 






The Culture Code at Lamb is one of their strongest drivers, it’s the agreement they make with each other to be respectful, decent, fair and supportive.

These are the concrete ways to create the culture at LAMB. It’s the shared understanding of the values that matter and clear expectations for how every member contributes to the community.







For more information on Lamb’s revolutionary workspace, follow the link here.

Eclectic Trends Lamb Stockholm meeting area

Eclectic Trends Lamb Stockholm acoustics

Eclectic Trends Lamb Stockholm table and chairs

Eclectic Trends Lamb Stockholm working booths

Eclectic Trends Lamb Stockholm relax room

Photography: @marcuslawett

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  1. Yeah well that’s an office I would gladly work at!
    Personally, I think there just isn’t enough thought going into the design of workspaces in general. The bosses always stress about productivity etc. but simply won’t put the employees in workspaces that benefit their productivity. So strange how reluctant business owners are when it comes to investing in their employees sometimes…

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