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Last 48 Hours Of Current Trend Reports

Trend Report-Ceremony-Eclectic Trends

New trend investigations are coming up. Current trend reports are leaving.

As announced in our newsletter Wednesday Journal a few weeks back, we are about to upload a new generation of trend reports.  They come in a different layout, and we have this time an umbrella collection with three topics belonging to the Macro Trends of Health & Wellbeing, Nature & Sustainability, and Urbanization.
We can’t wait to show you more in a few weeks.
But for today, here goes a friendly reminder that we are taking down our current reports in 48 hours (Friday, 12, 6 pm CET).




You want to live a more meaningful life, and so does your client.

But what does this mean translated into products and services?

CEREMONY covers 216 pages of insights into the new overall well-being, becoming the center of attention inside and outside our homes.

The report comes with a bonus, which is the latest trend lecture Gudy Herder gave in Los Angeles three weeks ago on a virtual event. The video content supports and updates the report covering a part of the new Care Economic, which we understand from a more holistic perspective and see in several creative fields (travel, hospitality, interior design, health, beauty, food, etc.).

For more information, click on the image.

Trend Report-Ceremony-Eclectic Trends

Image: Kompaniet




Where can you even start when we talk about sustainable or greener design?

How to get to any conclusion in a vast sea of ideas, projects, and information?

We did the work and gathered among +1.000 projects four essential manifestations in the trend report REGENERATION so you can get an overview of what is happening in the green design scene. You’ll be able to defend your arguments within your corporate structures, find ideas for your own business, and craft a greener communication strategy.


For more information, click on the image.

Trend Report-REGENERATION-EclecticTrends

Image: Melanie Glöckler


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