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Lorenzo Castillo’s new restaurant Hispania in London

Hispania is not another stereotypical Spanish restaurant, complete with paintings of bulls and flamenco dancers. It is the largest space in Europe with 950 sqm dedicated to the Spanish world of cooking in the financial district of London. You will discover an elegant space with high ceilings and a thoughtful decor, worthy of a feature in the best home and style magazine covers.

The Spanish designer who has redesigned and transformed this old Lloyd’s bank building during 1,5 years is Lorenzo Castillo, voted one of the top 80 best interior designers worldwide.

Still inspiration from Spain can be found in every corner such as the bar counter that is a single piece of marble from Macaél (Almería), the amazing geometric floor tiles are made in Seville, and the walls host original posters of the first edition of the travel guide Bellezas de España, made in 1951 to promote Spanish tourism. Even the furniture has a history; it is from Mario Conde’s office when he was president of the Spanish Credit Bank! Quite a story!
Hispania’s heart beats like a traditional Spanish tavern but this place is not just a restaurant.  There is a delicatessen shop that holds a veritable Spanish larder and where businessmen and women in the area could take-away some of the best bites of Spain.  If you’re looking for a relaxed oasis, try the sherry-bar, where you will also be able to enjoy reading a variety of books from the library.  And finally, if you wish to party in private, there is a wonderful private hall.
Esta vez el Hispania no representa otro local español típico de pinturas de toros y flamenco. Más bien se trata de un local de 950 metros cuadrados en el corazón de la City londinense dedicado a la gastronomía española y siendo el más grande de Europa. Su interiorismo se ha llevado a cabo con elegancia, techos altos y una decoración con mucho detalle darán que hablar pronto y estará en los mejores revistas de decoración.

 El interiorista que firma este proyecto no es otro que Lorenzo Castillo …

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