Macro Trends S/S16 – PAST MODERN by WGSN

Macro Trends S/S16-Past Modern-WGSN-Eclectic Trends

Macro Trends S/S16-Past Modern-WGSN-Eclectic Trends

In March 2015 James Dunlop Textiles took part in a New Zealand design event. Working with Lyndal Wallis from global trend forecaster WGSN they presented a visual interpretation of four macro design trends for Spring Summer 2016. I have taken some of key slides from the video that was uploaded on YouTube.

Opposites merge in surprising new ways. PAST MODERN is one of the Macro Trends S/S16 looking at the past and the future and how they can blend together today. New technologies such as 3D printing and scanning allow to work with ancient symbols and designs modernizing them in a contemporary context.

Macro Trend-Past Modern-WGSN-Eclectic Trends

A contemporary take on traditional patterns sees intricate motifs applied to soft and hard objects in innovative, embroidered, chiselled, carved or even stretched out in thread, often with a tone-in-tone palette giving a new context.. Scale ranges from micro to macro, with entire rooms covered in pattern.

Macro Trend-Past Modern-WGSN-Eclectic Trends

References from different cultural histories are adapted and reinterpreted. Domestic tools and future take on ornate and fun embellishments, applied with playful touch and quirky takes on extra handles and turned legs on chairs and tables. It does not has to be serious.Fun embellish Luxurious wood is important, given intricate detailing.

Macro Trend-Past Modern-WGSN-Eclectic Trends

Color, material and pattern are blocked in clear components to create fresh visual compositions. Materials and surface patterns are mixed and matched to refresh designs. The focus is on the quality of theses modular alike objects where nesting tables are really up-trending.

Macro Trend-Past Modern-WGSN-Eclectic Trends

Decor takes on an opulent feel with contemporary Baroque references. Surface work is ornate yet integral tot he design, including embossed or relief filigree patterns and precious tassel trims. The elegant color palette ranges from whites to silver and gold.

Macro Trend-Past Modern-WGSN-Eclectic Trends

Cut crystal, marble and warm metals create a clear contemporary direction for this story. Shiny, mirrored surfaces are modernized with minimalist linear shapes, adding a sense of refined luxury to interiors.

Macro Trend-Past Modern-WGSN-Eclectic Trends

An off-white and neutral palette is brought to life with delicate surface detail. Inspired by classical bas relief, raised patterns add interest to walls, lighting and accessories. Unexpected materials introduce a contemporary feel. Droog‘s rubber cloth (1st image) is pretty much the key element here on this collage.

Macro Trend-Past Modern-WGSN-Eclectic Trends

Greek and Roman cultures provide references for iconography. Classical friezes, sculptures and architectural details are translated into textiles, interiors and tableware. Mirrored photographs of Roman architecture inspire wallpaper, white 3D printing offers new ways to ring historic objects to life.

Macro Trends S/S16-Past Modern-WGSN-Eclectic Trends

This is one beautiful and sophisticated color palette. Dusty pastels, light, grays, warm neutrals, lilac, soft orange, buttermilk and a touch of metallics.

These colors can be broken down then into Core Colors, Directional Colors and Accent Colors and adapted differently to the interior design field. You can appreciate a subtle and elegant look&feel of this theme, and I believe it’s beautiful. What do you think? G, x

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