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Eclectic Manhattan loft designed by Charoonkit Thahong

Those who have been for a while with me, know that I am not an exclusive Scandinavian Style lover. Actually I like several styles but have a crush on those you can’t file under a category. The more personal, the more I am drawn too. I have read an interesting interview yesterday with grand dame Iris Apfel who says that all interior projects look the same and I am afraid she is somehow right… What do you think?

loft Manhattan plants

loft Manhattan living b&w

loft Manhattan living

loft Manhattan porcelain

loft Manhattan kitchen

loft Manhattan bedroom

loft Manhattan ceramics

loft Manhattan bath

Interior designer Charoonkit Thahong lives  in New York and this is his open loft space in a former factory building  in Manhattan. Quite individual and with a lot to discover. He is obviously a collector. He spent months searching for just the right industrial space looking for a great architecture first. I would love to know more about his ceramics and porcelain collection.


How about some extra inspiration?

14 Responses

  1. Hello Gudy,
    yesterday, thanks to you I had to know the exceptional figure of Iris Apfel, and I have to admit that if the interiors look all the same is just because they are not truly lived by the people who live inside, and they haven’t put the attention and passion on their home as much as they put in their life, outfits or working life, or simply to their identities.
    I personally think that the home is the intimate space where everyone is free to express their personality, tastes, but among all the personal identity. And just for this simple issue “personality/identity expression” should be individual and unique, as much as unique we are. We should all be able to identify ourselves in our homes.
    Thank you for sharing the name of Iris Apfel, a great figure to learn from, but also thank you for putting the accent on the topic of home identity.

  2. What a fabulous apartment!! I mean all those plants, those collections of ceramics and glass bottles, THAT kitchen!! Oh my, I think this is how our future Urban Jungle Bloggers headquarters should look like:-)

  3. Hi Gudi, I don’t think that all interiors look the same. We live with trends and therefore we are shown just a small selection of ideas. But there are so many wonderful and different interiors out there. That’s why I like your blog. You are not limited to one style and I love seeing different styles.

    1. Thank you Angela, I really appreciate. However I find within the Scandi Style, there is a lot of similarity today, Eclectic design looks very vintage like and the Industrial Trend is still the same. There is few individualism on the net with a true WOW effect now and that’s why I am not publishing more apartments than I’d like to. I always ask myself if I really really like this one or if I just want to have content. Many times, that home then drops out.
      But since there is so much going on in the interior world with great stuff, I guess it’s just a question of looking for different sources and content:-)

  4. Hi Gudy, I love this apartment and the plants! I agree that a home should be a reflection of a persons life and incorporate their memories and how they live. The interiors that stand out to me are these. Always a little different and loved. A great post. xD

  5. Oh WOW-wonderful place-I love it too and yes, very urbanjunglebloggers!! I totally agree with Iris Apfel-I work alongside so many interior designers who only work to a very set method-all very tasteful, but somehow nothing individual and very creative-unlike this beautiful apartment! xx

  6. Absolutely love this Gudy since I’m a collector myself. His collections are amazing. Love the Holmegaard gul vases. I’ve got them in a variety of colours but I do like how he has collected them in one shade. I can quite happily live there. thanks for sharing this! xx

  7. Una vivienda con mucha personalidad, me parece espectacular Gudy. Yo opino que en muchas revistas y blogs vemos siempre viviendas diferentes pero que parecen las mismas, cierto. Con las mismas piezas de diseño, los mismos colores, mismas láminas de pared, etc… Me gusta el estilo escandinavo, pero me gusta más cuando se mezcla con piezas de otros estilos, épocas, colores,con piezas recuperadas, o hechas por nosotros… aportando a la vivienda personalidad, que se vea que son nuestras, que tienen vida. La cerámica que hay en esta casa es una autentica maravilla. La cocina me ha fascinado. Besos!!

  8. Gudy! Este sitio es espectacular! Brutal. No me puede gustar más lo lleno que lo tienen de cosas bonitas. Es un contenedor de frescura y belleza. Plantas, cerámicas, lámparas de coleccionista, muebles retro y de diseño, una cocina llena de vida. Me puedo imaginar a sus propietarios y me encantaría ser su colega. A ver si se me pega algo!


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