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Marblebilia by Lucia Massari


No doubt, the Marble Trend is still strong and I can’t quite see to become it yet mainstream. At least, not in interior design. I guess the topic is too special and there is still quite some room for new colors to come up from markets such as Brazil. Or watch out for the Port Laurent marble coming from quarries in Morocco criss-crossed with delicate gold and white veins.


Don’t you just love it when a product is created by the same artist who has a special talent in two disciplines? This is the case of designer and illustrator Lucia Massari who in collaboration with the Italian marble company Mandruzzato Marmi e Graniti came up with the Marblebilia collection.

The bench below features marble and onyx legs with a seat of aged maple. These two components are not fixed together by any glue or screws. Due to the process of using remnant material; the light and dark colors of the marble vary and make the limited edition even more special.


Marble-Lucia-Massari-EclecticTrends Marble-Lucia-Massari-EclecticTrends

The italian designer utilizes only scraps of Carrara and onyx, that would otherwise be ground into gravel by the industry, as her medium of choice to create a bench, lamp, table and chopping board. You can buy her pieces at Pamono. G, x

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