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When French photographer Charles Fréger launched his series Wilder Man, he probably didn’t expect to cause that much influence on other disciplines. His work embraces theatrical as well as a contemporary and traditional aspects and he explains that during the production of the Wilder Mann series he became very much connected to the Romanian and Bulgarian folk culture. I have been on trend forecaster panels where his work has been the key driver to develop a new trend based on it.

When finding the core image in the Tank magazine on my current mood board, it immediately remembered me of this series and I wanted to create my own little story around it.

Eclectic Trends-my March mood board

Eclectic Trends- my March mood board

Images:  Tank magazine| Clara Zornado

My approach was to work with natural (dried plants and terra-cotta samples) and elements such as concrete , leather and metal to underline a slightly ‘rougher’ or wilder aspect of the story but in a color palette everything would feel like back to nature. G, x

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