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How Minerals illuminate interiors: The Margot Molyneux Shop

Natural stones give endless possibilities to illuminate interiors with essential colors! Looking back to one of our last posts on the personal research of Lost Marbles, we can see, that minerals have been used for centuries in interiors and exteriors. Additionally, there are apparently unlimited varieties of natural stones and this is why we would love to introduce this gorgeous store to you.


Created by Margot Molyneux and Framework you can experience a successful mix of contemporary design, located in South Africa. Of course, one of the leading voices of Italian interior design, Dimore Studio cannot be missed, luckily you can find their furniture in this gorgeous space. The elegant, floating light work by Michael Anastassiades and another main actor is the blush colored travertine. It all adds up to the exquisite chic of the showroom. Note the lavish use of this blush colored travertine behind the deep green cash desk and the exuberant terrazzo floor! After having encountered marble literally everywhere at Salone del Mobile, the question appears, why marble and other natural stones relive such a big victory at the moment.







Fotos courtesy by Margot Molyneux

One perception on taste says, that taste is pretty much culturally derived and the newest publication of Lidewij Edelkoort, ‚Faith‘  provides a very good thesis on the current need and want for valuable minerals.

Faced with numerous manmade challenges, people’s

faith is gaining a new dimension. Unfulfilled by organized religion, people seek a different sense of spirituality… In the face of unsettling natural disasters and an environment under threat, people resolve to reconnect with the natural world in an intimate way… Precious stones have been viewed as transcendent for millennia; crystals and rocks that offer shielding properties, enhance health, create wealth and influence love and emotions.
Philip Fimmano



This quote by Li Edelkoort’s closest contributor and exhibition curator, Philip Fimmano does not only show the reaction of mankind to a given social situation, but also deliver an accurate observation on how creative minds react to it.


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