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Maruzio Zucchi’s urban jungle home

There is this second image that has been spinning on Pinterest for quite a while and though I loved it I hadn’t thought of the idea to see if I could find anything else from the home and the owner. Until the other day a second pic of this mad urban cacti jungle would pop up.

Maurizio Zucchi's urban jungle home-Eclectic Trends

This is the green home of Maurizio Zucchi who runs the Zucchi company, well known in Italy for making wonderful label luxury household linen. I admire the Italian savor faire very much so the location was actually no surprise. His botanical approach is pretty much trendsetting (the home was published first in 2011 in Elle Korea as far as I know) and embraces varies elements that have been used ever in may other interior design projects.

Maurizio Zucchi's urban jungle home-Eclectic Trends

Maurizio Zucchi's urban jungle home-Eclectic Trends

Maurizio Zucchi's urban jungle home-Eclectic Trends

Maurizio Zucchi's urban jungle home-Eclectic Trends

The main aspect that makes this project outstanding are the vast ceiling height and light this home features, just perfect to fit in these huge cacti and trees. He has then combined very wisely light metal structures all over with wood and plants. A few mid-century pieces make it really classy, and the color scheme relates to the botanic topic with earthy tones only. And he features a shelf that reminds me of the one I have on my bucket list!

Have you noticed how the plants partition each section off so it feels more split into sections? You can see here a fe extra pics. G, x

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Ah yes-these have been some of my favourite home images too Gudy-such a wonderful space! Just went back to your newsletter and moodboard post-SO enjoying your inspiring blog/work. Trying to do both your workshop with Fiona and in July with Emily too if I can! Clever, clever you. CXx

    1. Ah, you are coming? Oh, this makes me smile from ear to ear right now! I would so love to see you again, Caroline!Thanks for the ‘clever’ words. ;-) xx

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