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Masquespacio explores cosmic cuisine

masquespacio eclectic trends dining Milan ICHI station

Valencian design studio Masquespacio has reimagined the dining experience at Ichi Station, a takeaway sushi chain in Milan, by crafting an interior that resembles a futuristic spaceship.

masquespacio eclectic trends dining Milan ICHI station

By drawing inspiration from sci-fi and space tourism, Masquespacio has taken the concept of travel to new heights in their latest project, located in Milan’s historic Brera district.

A Journey to the Future

Masquespacio co-founder, Christophe Penasse, expressed their approach to the design, stating, “We proposed approaching the travel concept as a trip to the future.” The moment you step inside Ichi Station, it feels as though you’ve entered a capsule-like spaceship, where the immersive atmosphere disconnects you from reality and allows you to connect with the food.

How would you feel if your dining experience transported you to a futuristic realm?


Redefining Space and Travel

Masquespacio transformed the layout of the 80-square-meter space, creating a central dining area with a tunnel that offers diners a unique opportunity to observe the artistry of sushi-making. By incorporating the tunnel motif, the design team aimed to evoke a sense of travel while avoiding clichéd references to Japan.

Shapes and Forms of the Future

Shapes and forms play a crucial role in creating the desired futuristic aesthetic. Masquespacio carefully selected circular and cylindrical details, evident in the seats, bar stools, and decorative elements throughout the space. These design choices and a simple and restrained material palette featuring glass and micro-cement contribute to a seamless look reminiscent of a spaceship.

Illuminating the Dining Experience

Masquespacio’s clever use of LED lighting adds a dynamic element to the restaurant’s ambience. The integrated lighting system casts vivid hues of blue, green, purple, and peach across the walls, ceilings, and even the table tops. The lights transition at various speeds, creating an exhilarating “explosion of colour” that enhances the overall dining experience.

Masquespacio’s transformative design for Ichi Station takes diners on a captivating journey to the future, blurring the boundaries between dining and space travel. By incorporating elements of sci-fi and space tourism, the studio has crafted an immersive atmosphere that disconnects guests from reality and allows them to connect with both the culinary delights and the awe-inspiring design. The result is a one-of-a-kind dining experience where creativity, innovation, and a touch of futurism converge.

masquespacio eclectic trends dining Milan ICHI station

masquespacio eclectic trends dining Milan ICHI station

masquespacio eclectic trends dining Milan ICHI station bar

masquespacio eclectic trends dining Milan ICHI station bathroom

masquespacio eclectic trends dining Milan ICHI station

Photography by Luis Beltran

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