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Masquespacio has created an interactive and dream-like shopping experience for Mango Teen

masquespacio mango teen

Spanish design agency Masquespacio has created the interior of the first Mango Teen store in Barcelona, which was informed by the metaverse and aims to provide an interactive and dream-like shopping experience.


masquespacio mango teen

The aim of the project was to design the space identity of the future Mango Teen shops, including the first shop in collaboration with Mango. The space was thus hereby developed following a previous study of the 11 to 13-year-old customer target.


“In this place, the dreams are made reality through the design elements that play with your mind and invite the user to interact with the objects surrounding them, bringing the metaverse world to reality.”



Masquespacio created the design elements in the shop interior to showcase as much clothing as possible while also functioning as attraction points that provide a unique shopping experience.

A swimming pool, a hotel reception are some of the incoherent elements that invite the teens to enter a universe in which a new purpose is given to the objects, giving them the opportunity to let their imagination flow and use the space how they dream about it.

The store also features a clothes-recycling drop-off point that looks like a washing machine, which releases bubbles when customers open the door.

Standard exposition elements like the shelves and racks were reinvented through the forms and colour choice.

Colour is applied in a matt finish and also a fluor-reflecting colour, creating an unusual combination that connects with the futuristic digital world.  

Last but not least, the fitting rooms are designed for TikTok-loving teens. Inspired by the metaverse with an optical effect that distorts reality.

As the first Mango Teen shop to open in Barcelona, Masquespacio’s design aims to create a distinct brand identity without forgoing the importance of including what today’s consumer really wants from the retail industry, a truly unforgettable and interactive shopping experience that stimulates our sensorial emotions.

masquespacio mango teen

masquespacio mango teen

masquespacio mango teen

masquespacio mango teen

masquespacio mango teen

masquespacio mango teen

Photography Luis Beltran

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