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Material of the month: Ecoclay

mood board shows ecoclay samples

Ecoclay is an innovative wall covering manufactured in Spain that uses natural clay without additives obtained from a deposit formed 98 million years ago. Used in bio construction for its innumerable qualities, the versatility of ecoclay clays is present in environments as different as a country house or an urban loft. Ecoclay coatings are also perfect for insulating particularly delicate places such as health centers, hospitals, schools, offices, and museums, given the numerous benefits that clay brings to improving environmental health. Due to their sound-absorbing characteristics, they are an ideal solution for restaurants and auditoriums.

Always around us, for more than 9,000 years, clay has been used in the construction of spaces.
Cities such as Djenne in Mali, Chan Chan in Peru, or Sanaa in Yemen are some examples, as well as the majestic constructions of the Alhambra in Granada or the Châteux de Gien.

We have included the square samples that come in a sample box in different colors in a mood board story.

mood board shows ecoclay samples

mood board shows ecoclay samples

mood board shows color and ecoclay samples


mood board shows ecoclay samples

mood board shows ecoclay samples

mood board shows color and ecoclay samples

Clay as an ancestral material is emerging as an eco-friendly material showing countless benefits for our health and comfort. It is a 100% natural material capable of regulating humidity, increasing energy savings due to its high thermal inertia, improving odor absorption, and being an effective insulator and acoustic absorber.

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