Meet textile-led design by Lucy Simpson

Lucy Simpson Textile Design-Eclectic Trends

I have recently discovered textile designer Lucy Simpson whose materials-led process allowed her to experiment with combed silicone to create these amazing textures you see below.

Lucy Simpson Textile Design-Eclectic Trends

In explaining her process while working on her MA, Lucy described how she was hunting in bargain stores and took “expanding foam, plastic ties, beads, sandpaper, and silicone” back to the print room and experimented with these unusual materials in conjunction with traditional textile mediums such as puff binder and aquasuede to create her own textile signatures. Love it whenever I hear anything about a good lab process.

Lucy Simpson Textile Design-Eclectic Trends

Lucy Simpson Textile Design-Eclectic Trends

Lucy Simpson Textile Design-Eclectic Trends

Lucy Simpson Textile Design-Eclectic Trends

Lucy Simpson Textile Design-Eclectic Trends

It’s very interesting to get on a couple of images a little making of glimpse where you can imagine how those 3D effects were created. In her words, she wanted to bring a sense of tactility and create the urge to reach out and bring back the touch to textile design. 

To me some of the designs remind me of the frosting or icing top a (wedding) cake. My favorites are a bit less colorful where uses a color combo of terra-cotta and pale blue (pix n#1) and works with scraped effects in silicone contrasting with the direction of a beige corduroy (pic n#4).How about you? G, x

How about some extra inspiration?

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