Meet the trend authors who contribute to the Eclectic Trends newsletter

I am very excited to announce today the first authors I have invited to write trend posts for my newsletter.

They will share with you during March, April and May (I let you know in May the panel for the next three month) their specific knowledge about colors, going green and patterns. You will get an extra dose of inspiration that is not published on the blog and exclusive for subscribers since I wanted to offer a special treat there:) The newsletter will cover in 2015 disciplines such as color, interior, patterns, lifestyle, fashion, going green, flower and food styling etc. It’s a side project I am particularly happy about!

March, 04 – Fiona Humberstone

Fiona Humberstone profile pic b&w

Fiona Humberstone is an author, speaker and creative catalyst. She has spent fifteen years working in branding: styling brands, creating websites and running workshops. Fiona is now a freelance Creative Director and runs workshops in London and around the world. Her second book, How to Style Your Brand is available to preorder now. Find out more at Fiona Humberstone and The Brand Stylist.

Fiona will be the first and write about 4 Color Trends for Branding. The links she includes in her article are very interesting too. This newsletter goes out already tomorrow!

April, 08  – Igor Josif & Judith de Graff

UJB-Igor-Judith profile pic

Igor of Happy Interior Blog and Judith of They are bloggers, friends and they love greens in interiors and around them. Their mutual passion for plants has resulted in a project called Urban Jungle Bloggers which is all about living with plants – in your home, in other interiors, in public spaces. They want to highlight the beauty and benefits of houseplants and other greenery in urban spaces.  Their mission lies in sharing this love for plants with other like-minded bloggers.

Igor and Judith will talk about the latest Going Green Trends based on the information their community shares with them every month.

May, 06 – Kristine Go

kristine go

Kristine Go runs Pattern Curator, a platform that collects images and photos to create a visual short story. With insight from experience and friends in the fashion industry, she offers an opportunity to co-create. Her goal is to inspire and connect like-minded creative individuals, like yourself. Pattern Curator offers a look at print, pattern & color trends in a minimalistic point of view. Each board is curated visually in a way that is directional, relevant & trend-right.

And Kristine will finally share with us 3 Pattern Trends that are hot for 2016.

Upon signing up, I’ll let you know which content to expect in the newsletter. I hope to see you there! Have a brilliant week! G, x

How about some extra inspiration?

13 Responses

  1. Seriously excited to be a part of such a fabulous initiative Gudy, your posts are always packed with inspiration and I am thrilled to be a part of such a special programme. Also, what a line-up! We are in great company…

    1. So happy you are going to be the first one to contribute. Love all of the four colour schemes you talk about and adapted to branding makes it so very interesting. I will adapt one of the trends to my new site:) x

    1. Gracias, Anastasia, let me hear during the monht to come what you think, ok? Would really appreciate that! xx

  2. Fabulous, fabulous Gudy. I just LOVE the way your blog/work hasdeveloped since first getting to know you. Just amazing! I have just checked dates to see whether I can do yours and Fiona’s course or yours and Emilys-I am hoping to do one and very excited. You should all be so proud of what you’ve achieved-brilliant xx

    1. Wonderful words, feels really good. Thank you so much and yes, blogging is about constant evolution, isn’t it? Not always the easiest thing to keep up but on the other side so exciting, it makes you learn and move on!

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