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Meike Harde’s Evergreen Platters


Before we jump straight into today’s post, let me just quickly remind you that the Early Bird Tickets on my Trend Talk in Berlin end today. You can still register and read more HERE.

‚Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking!’ …is one of the favorite quotes from ‚The Devil Wears Prada‘.


But honestly, have you ever experienced a spring season without the urgent want for more flowers and fresh greenery, even the need for more light? I bet, you haven’t! Meike Harde’s Evergreen Platters seem to combine all of the wishes we have for spring: the need to bring nature into our homes and preserve the airiness forever! By embedding the florals and foliage into the glass plates, the clusters of poetic beauty remain to be preserved for eternity.


It is no secret that we love porcelain, ceramics and gorgeous tableware here on Eclectic Trends. Meike Harde designed a tableware collection, that quotes traditionally painted florals on plates as ‚a central stylistic device‘ and translates it into a modern context. The subtle pale color palette and the mix of intriguing objects carefully interacting together make the tableware so contemporary and fresh, a perfect fit for spring as so much of nature’s beauty is brought into the living area.


Meike Harde works from a studio in Cologne, Germany. As a designer she likes to combine traditional materials and to leave a contemporary mark on them.


Looking at her other projects, you will fall in love with her portfolio. As a result common items overcome conventional forms.


The transparent plates contain blossoms and foliage: after being pressed they are being put in between two glass disks and are burned in a vacuum oven. The Evergreen Platters come in different sizes and each one is unique, as the included flowers vary in their form and color. You can buy the glass plates here as she offers further objects for you, even offering for your wishes to be considered.


I am still at the Salone this week and hope to discover much more interesting creative and artsy projects I can share with you soon. Have a great weekend all. G, x

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