Menorca Experimental – The hotel everybody talks about

Menorca Experimental - The most talked about hotel now

Think of an artist’s cottage who loves ceramics. Reborn from the gracious old bones of a 19th-century finca, on 30 hectares of land, Menorca Experimental is the countryside hotel everybody talks about now.

Designed by Dorothee Meilichzon and her firm, which specializes in hospitality design, the finca is home to 43 rooms, including nine with their own dipping pools, allowing guests to choose between the cordial shared experience or the possibility of more intimate seclusion. The vibe is authentic/rustic meets contemporary – and reduced to the basics softly accentuated with LRNCE products. I guess it’s the longing for the basics connected to nature but made beautifully (opening here a discussion of how much design is too much design?) that makes this project much talk about.

Much of the food is grown in their own garden, life gets much slower here, local artisan-made wood plank floors, hand-crafted terracotta tiles … a much greener and sustainable lifestyle is just one of the reasons that probably makes you want to stay.

To make it a memorable experience, the hotel offers horse riding, diving; you can work with a personal trainer regardless of your current fitness level or practice yoga & meditation to re-energize your body and mind. Pottery, drawing, painting – you can explore your creativity by booking sessions while enjoying the beautiful and calm island. Sounds like a plan?

Countryside Hotel

Menorca Experimental - The hotel everybody talks about

Menorca Experimental - The hotel everybody talks about

Menorca Experimental - The hotel everybody talks about

Menorca Experimental - The hotel everybody talks about

Menorca Experimental - The hotel everybody talks about

If Menorca Experimental is now on your wishlist and you feel like wanting to discover other hotels by the Experimental Group, please visit Il Palazzo Experimental.

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