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Micro Trend: A New Geometrical Language

Multiple designers are exploring new expressions of archetypal, geometric forms marked by a contemporary blend of the simple shapes and sometimes luxury finishings. A New Geometrical Language in small scale objects has emerged in the interior design world.
I have written a new trend post for Norwegian company BOEN which I’d like to share with you today. The interesting part to observe is how important marble is becoming in smaller shapes (after seeing large table tops at the very beginning of the marble trend) and playing now a key role in the following designs. Not to forget, it gets much more budget friendly in smaller design proposals too!

Micro Trend-A new geometrical language-Eclectic Trends4

Pepe Marble Mirror | Euclide, both by StudioPepe 

The Pepe Marble Mirror designed for Danish label Menu on the left is solid, durable and meant to last, maybe even passed on to future generations. A nod to the fifties, makes it already now a classic design piece.

The Euclide design features both, a shelf and light unit. The shelf is made from brass and the geometric mirrors have been aged creating a nice contrast of contemporary vs old features.

Micro Trend-A new geometrical language-Eclectic Trends1

Ossimori by StudioPepe 

The Milan-based creative duo StudioPepe presents this year Ossimori, a collection comprising ten unique pieces that explore the quality of materials and the juxtaposition of different yet complementary objects and shapes. Some are designed to be functional, other are purely abstract objects, while all embrace primitive yet futuristic lines.

Micro Trend-A new geometrical language-Eclectic Trends4

L.D.O – light dependent object – Project in collaboration with Vacheron Constantin | Realized by Roland Beguin, craftsman in stained glass window | Design and concept by Kaja Solgaard Dahl

This composition consists of a subtle balance between colorful, produced by hand-glass parts and metal rods through which flows a light source . The object can be read twice thus , between the sculptural aspect of the structure whose glass parts are ” exempt ” from the metal frame , and of the resulting light composition . The latter is reminiscent of very poetic color and light effects , which can be observed in churches when the sun shines on the stained glass windows .

Micro Trend-A new geometrical language-Eclectic Trends3

Let it slide bowl | See right through me, both by Studio Isabel Gatzen 

The let it slide bowl has a strong architectural aesthetic, which we could call the red thread during this post. It forms a beautiful centrepiece (for use or decorative purpose) and is made of two angled Parthenon marble sections joined together by a contrasting anodised aluminium ring.

The see right through me mirror on the right side made of the same marble plays with light to enable the viewer to see through the mirror or catch a reflection, adding an eye-catching dynamic to any room.

Micro Trend-A new geometrical language-Eclectic Trends2

Natura Morta | Design: ECAL/Nicolas Lalande | Realized by Matteo Gonet

Back at the Salone del Mobile in April this year, we have been able to observe a great show where 12 expertly handcrafted objects were on display, teaming always a Swiss artisan and a student from École Cantonale D’Art de Lausanne (ECAL), under the art direction of Italian Studio Formafantasma (collage n#2 belongs to the same exhibition) at the Art & Crafts & Design Show.

Summing up, the Micro Trend of a new geometrical language is supported by warm and cold materials such as wood, metal, glass and stone, all combined by varies shapes in one harmonious object. Small scale geometric interior design has never been so fascinating! G, x

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Me encantan Studio Pepe. Todas sus creaciones tienen un equilibrio casi mágico y utilizan el color de manera magistral. Gracias por el post, Gudy, eres toda una fuente de inspiración

    1. Gracias, María. Sí, son el estudio de más promoción, publicidad y estrellato ahora. Y me encanta lo que hacen! :)

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