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Micro Trend: Flower headdresses

This is one of my favorite micro trends! Flower headpieces come in many styles and designs as to fit and accessorize different moments. They are used in fashion shots, wedding events or just for very special occasions.

Don’t you just start seeing pop-up flower headpieces workshops over here and there? There is a lot going on in California (my IG feed is telling me:-) but I have seen some pretty pics coming from an event that took place in Hamburg (Germany) too.

Anna Bloom Photography


Craig Schlewitz

Georgina Hodson

Georgina Hodson for 125Magazine


Takaya Hanayuishi

The house that Lars built (with tutorial)

Takaya Hanayuishi

So, where comes this trend from? Blooms continue to flourish on clothing and accessories for 2014. Fresh flowers, plants and botanical materials are taking over the interior world. So why not using flowers as headpieces and put a bohemian, romantic or even baroque feel to an outfit?

The Spring Summer runways in 2012 brought floral attire with the nicest floral headdresses, featured on many runways from Moschino, to Dolce and Gabbana and Oscar de la Renta. It’s interesting to see how long it takes sometimes to get to the final customer now all ready for attending workshops and get their own little flower crown…
I personally can’t wait to attend one of those courses, and I am just researching the one I want to do attend here in Barcelona. Have you gone to any already?

How about some extra inspiration?


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9 Responses

  1. You’re right, it takes quite some time for new trends to filter down to the end consumer…. but imagine it wouldn’t? We would have such massive turnarounds it would be even more unbearable:-)

    Nice selection of images and I hope you’ll attend one of the courses and blog about it. x

    1. And we are all a bit saturated with new stuff coming up, sometimes the trend just stays in glossy magazines and does not get to the final consumer. Nice to see, but difficult to apply. Which is ok too, you have then something to dream about:-)

  2. It’s so true, I’ve noticed flower headpieces appearing here and there much more often recently and I love it! It’s so fresh and girly… spring where are you? Please come to Poland after Barcelona :)

    1. Well, temperatures went down again today.Soon we’ll change the time aaain and that makes a whole difference. Anyhow, thank you for the comment, Aga!

  3. I love these photos! I’m a fashion photography junkie and I love flowers. So I would love to have one of these images in my home. I hope this trend will reach the consumers. We could use some colours in the street style.

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