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Micro Trend: Greenhouses

Greenhouses or glasshouses are so trending! You’ ll find them in many different styles now, pre-constructed or as a DIY project in mini versions. When doing some research, I have learned quite a bit. Domestic greenhouses are used mainly for growing plants, vegetables and fruits, ok, nothing new here but there is a long tradition behind.

Already in the 13th century, greenhouses were built in Italy to house the exotic plants that explorers brought back from the tropics. They were originally called giardini botanici (botanical gardens). The French called their first greenhouses orangeries, since they were used to protect orange trees from freezing. England had its golden era during the Victorian era, as the wealthy upper class and aspiring botanists competed to build the most elaborate buildings.

greenhouse trend black frames


Today you can have pre-constructed greenhouses in a quite minimalistic look (how stylish are the black framed right now?) or you go for a more romantic design. The original idea has evolved, and nowadays they are used as added living rooms such as dining spots, home offices or reading nooks. Or how about having your bedroom built in nature?

greenhouse bedroom

Designed by Ville Hara and Linda Bergroth

Greenhouse trend KEYWORDS

gangandthewool greenhouse

Gang and the Wool

We could say they belong to the Macro Green Trend where it’s all about living as close as possible to nature, bringing plants into our homes and get our extra dose of relax and oxygen without needing to move to the countryside. Plus, there is the effect of a more sustainable living being able to grow your own fruits and vegetables.

white green house

Via Claus Dalby

I have never thought about it before but it seems DIY greenhouse kits have made possible to bring costs down, and make it easy to build your own little paradise in your available space. That sounds so tempting! If you go to some of the provider sites, they state that their greenhouses will match the architecture of your home and can suit any existing foundation. Ok, another reason to move out of the city.

greenhouse micro trend

Barbara Groen Photography | Les Potagers de Thomas

So, two things I have on my wish list: attending a shibori dying course and having an extended living space in a greenhouse. What are coincidence both are not offered in Barcelona :-) What’s on your bucket list?
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