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Micro Trend Report for decor8 | Brick & Bread

Collage Brick and Bread
Good morning! I am guest blogging today again at decor8 with a new trend report. This time I am talking about two micro trends which are BREAD and BRICK. See why I have chosen those two and the many characteristics they have in common. If you are interested in other trend reports I have been writing for Holly, please hop over to the Milan trend show sum up or see the four upcoming  4 big interior trends for Fall/Winter 2013/14. Ah, and we’d love to hear which micro trends YOU think might come up. Thank you! ♥

How about some extra inspiration?


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3 Responses

  1. Personally I think its not just a matter of homonimy. To my universe of comprehansion Bread & Brick are the source of surviveness (physical-eating; existential-sheltering/refuge your integrity). To their extremities, they can be your distruction, but to a normal use and dose they can be the source of pleasure and joy. A good and tasty meal and a good warm home.
    I totally love the idea of this mini trend report, while simple things are not always accepted as fundamental things but as ordinary. What about braking this ordinary walls of thoughts and just leave the time to transform the everyday life into a special moment, translated as interesting trend?
    To the same parallel comparison I would put Milk and Water.

  2. Hey Gudy, what a fab post. I love your words and also the images you choose are just wonderful. Really inspiring to read this post on decor8, can’t wait for next month already! no pressure pic!! x x x

  3. Hola Gudy!
    Otra vez lo has conseguido! Me encantan tus aportaciones, me llenan!

    Que chulo lo de las microtendencias, me parece una buena forma de hacerte pensar!

    El pan, me chifla. Su textura, crujiente, con interior tupido, llenos de semillas y con mil variedades, colores, más horneados o menos…
    El ladrillo,rojizo, más nuevo, más viejo, ennegrecido, brillante, de origen, humilde y potente…




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