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Mo de Movimiento- A space to foster conscious change in Madrid

MO de Movimiento a multifunctional race for conscious decisions

MO de Movimiento is Proyectos Conscientes’ first initiative and aims to drive conscious change in Madrid. In 2018, Javier Antequera and Felipe Turell founded this company to redefine the concept of what success in business means and how to drive local cultural transformation.

When the renovation of the Espronceda Theater was commissioned and driven by craftsman Lucas Muñoz, collaboration and innovation came at the forefront throughout the entire process through the search for a careful selection of raw materials and artisans, including ecological and top-quality products. MO de Movimiento aims to support and raise the visibility of the work of small Spanish producers.

MO was built on the principles of sustainability, social engagement, and business ethics under a framework of inclusive and humanist capitalism. Its only purpose is to create tangible, long-lasting value: value for society, for the MO team, for its network of small providers, and for all those who wish to join the movement:

  • policies to recover and reuse
  • local suppliers
  • opportunities for transformation and professional integration (with no distinction of gender, age or nationality) and responsibility toward the team, suppliers, and clients
  • conscious food consumption (sustainable and healthy)


MO de Movimiento is a rationalist project. It shies away from the superfluous and formalist actions that use aesthetic value as a method of seduction. Instead, MO prefers to explore in detail and share the story behind each material and each construction system.

The spatial project made great efforts to limit the use of virgin material whenever reuse was possible: the rubble from demolishing the previous space was re-encapsulated as benches, the kitchen tiles came with remnants from other construction sites. The old EFE Agency rooftop stairway was reassembled to provide access to the bakery and the upper floor.

The restaurant’s lights are fluorescent bulb cases from parking areas, rescued from different sources, and brought up-to-date with LED technology by students from the Norte Joven Association and the design team.28

The restaurant uniforms are restored second-hand shirts dyed with natural dyes. The dye was extracted from nails from the wood holding up the building’s old audience seating area. This wood was reassembled to make the furniture. Reused textiles were used to stuff the cushions on the benches and the acoustic panels covering the establishment’s ceiling.


MO de Movimiento a multifunctional race for conscious decisions

MO de Movimiento a multifunctional race for conscious decisions

MO de Movimiento a multifunctional race for conscious decisions

We believe the terracotta vases deserve a special mention here (extract from Lucan Muñoz site:)

The system is based on the adiabatic heat exchange between dry hot air and a wet environment, called the wet pulp effect. These terracotta vases have been equipped with a ventilator on their open top, a water nebuliser system inside and a water pump at their bottom. Air is forced by the fans through their interior and this one is intermittently soaked in water by the nebulisers, hence the heat exchange happens.

Installed in the restaurant project Lucas developed in Madrid, MO de Movimiento. At this place installation, remnant water is pumped out at the bottom of the vases and re-directed to water the garden. For this space, a collection of 9 different massive terracotta vases was hand crafted by artisan master Antonio Moreno Arias in Badajoz region in Spain. This craftsman, who still conserves an Arab underground oven with more than 500 years, was contacted by Lucas Muñoz and together with him and Joan Vellvé Rafecas these pieces were designed.

The original idea follows on one very experimental piece that Lucas created for his graduation at the Master in Contextual Design at Design Academy Eindhoven. After some tryouts and design improvements, these hanging elements were tested in Madrid dry and hot summer air, achieving a temperature drop down of up to 15 degrees celsius. 


MO de Movimiento a multifunctional race for conscious decisions

MO de Movimiento a multifunctional race for conscious decisions

MO de Movimiento a multifunctional race for conscious decisions

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