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Monday thoughts about traveling and staying balanced

I am back in Barcelona after 3,5 weeks of traveling. I’ve visited the IMM furniture show in Cologne, given a training in Prague (so pretty, but, oh, so cold!), have seen clients and family in Germany. I feel somewhat the (working) year starts now for me, and what a year! I don’t know you but it seems things fall into the right place now, and there is so much going on. Even the Spanish market, pretty calm for the past 3 years seems to awaken again very slowly which is probably one of the best news!

I have started writing on the concept and texts of upcoming trend&style workshops I plan to give here in Barcelona and launch still this Spring. I will let you know as soon I have a date and more developed content. I have always wanted to do something similar and get more in contact with the local community which is amazing with more and more blogs and IG feeds arising. I want to connect more over here and why not, build up a little creative community? Have you ever wanted to do that in your hometown too?

And then I want to travel less. That it is. After three years of almost non-stop traveling through Europe, South America and the Middle East, I have gathered so much information, I feel I just want to share all this knowledge and discuss off-line with real people. I love my virtual community, I truly do but it’s all about finding a certain balance, isn’t it? I could tell you traveling is amazing, it makes you are open minded persona, it’s the best school every …and so on. All true. But it depends on the how often. Plus, a 90% of my trips are work related. So, the intention is to pack my suitcase less this year, you’ll still see me abroad, different overseas destinations are already scheduled but all together I am trying to spend most of my energy in Barcelona! If I travel not more than a 90-100 days, I’ll be happy.

On the other side, we plan a bigger blog event early autumn over here, and as soon as we have the right location and program, we’ll let you know. I so much hope you’ll attend. It’s going to be really nice with a much more approach towards ‘getting together’ than listening only to speakers and keynotes (though there is some program scheduled). Which is always very inspiring too but it’s fine to offer different concepts, right? Everything around the blogging community evolves so fast. Have you read Grace post last week on Design Sponge? So much food for thought. The comments section is very worth reading too.

white atelier bcn ceramics

Oh, yeah and then there is my ceramic thing. After a wonderful feedback from your side, I really started producing last year quite a bit but had to stop when traveling to Germany, and I still have some technical issues to sort out. The beauty of this collection lies in its thin layer of porcelain and producing one by one. They are all one of a kind pieces, and actually that makes it challenging to commercialize a collection. I have a new IG account only for my ceramics if you want to check in from time to time. Please bare with me, I will come up with a small collection, a dream would come true, but I have to somehow fit that into a calendar and make it… a priority ? :-)

So, today’s post is not about any interior design, I just felt to share a bit with you what I am up to. How about you? How is the new year going so far?

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. I’m still hooked on traveling, but you’re right, too often and it gets draining.
    I would love to know more about the get-together event in the fall. I’ve been dreaming of returning to Barcelona and this would be a wonderful excuse!

    1. Hi Deepa, it depends on how you travel too, I guess. A 90% of my trips are work related and I do spend sometimes an extra day or two if the market is new for me meaning oversea travels. The thing is it takes some time to recover after those stays (you know that, right?) and you just don’t achieve a daily routine. But I am very open to European trips, that is just so easy.
      Regarding the blog event, I’ll let you know in the upcoming weeks through the usual channels, ok? xx

    1. Will, I know your travels are crazy too. I mean let’s face it, traveling means things are doing fine, there is expansion and ongoing projects. Which means we are having an income. We all don’t want to miss this, right? But again, finding the right balance is what makes it so challenging! Let’s meet soon again, ok? Thank you for the ceramics comment, they make me going!! xx

  2. BALANCE. That’s could be the word of the year! My huge resolution for 2014 is to build a real professional life around the blog (and it isn’t easy!) The online community can be time-consuming and I sometimes feel like I cannot focus on what I want to do and share myself. I take a break from time to time just to think about the things I want to do.
    I agree about the off-line community. That was one of the reasons we decided to build the Bloggers’ Session in Provence. There is hardly a French network of bloggers. People know each other but I miss the kind of relationship I can feel among British or German bloggers. Let’s keep our fingers crossed it works as we want to. And you know I am more than interested in what you are planning to do in Barcelona!
    Everything you said talks to me A LOT. I travelled a lot for my previous job. I loved it but it’s addictive (that’s why you need to take a break at some point and that’s why you miss it when the break is going on … like me right now ;-)
    Let’s hope to be able to have a real chat around a table at some point this year! That could be part of the off-line community project ;-) Have a lovely day Gudy! PS Sorry for the long comment

    1. Ilaria, have loved reading your ‘long’ comment The bloggers´session sounds wonderful, and you know what I liked most of it? The place. It’s not in a big city but en la Provence. To me it sounds like a relaxing weekend, some sun, some wine and having fun with friends. Yes, an off-line community project, that’s my thing too. Let’s try to get together soon, ok? xx

  3. I too will be “staying put’ this year, but I’m fine with that. For personal reasons I have to focus on my family, kids’ education and getting our house finished, and I’m looking forward to it. I feel as if there comes a time when you just have to get on with it and I’m going to enjoy everyday life with snippets of online escapism.
    The Bloggers’ session sounds interesting, and I love your ceramics. Beautiful styling / photography as always!

    1. Hi Deb, if I see your daily snippets on IG, I wouldn’t travel either. It seems you live in the perfect place with the perfect weather all year around! You know, I so much would love to “stay put” for 6 month without moving at all, stuck into my ceramics workshop and doing anything else but getting my hands dirty. But then there is reality and bills to be paid and still I am pretty sure I can manage to do that. Still figuring out how but I’ll find a way! Let me now what I asked you yesterday and see if I can be of any help.xx

  4. Hi Gudy! It has been a busy time for you indeed! Travel is inspiring in so many ways, but it can be exhausting and there’s a lot to be said about getting back to one’s roots and creating community. Your ceramic work is so delicate and beautiful, absolutely stunning, and I hope that one day soon I’ll be able to have my very own piece. Would love to join you in Barcelona this year too, what a treat! Take care x Holly

    1. Dear Holly! Seeing you again in BCN would be wonderful, we had such little time last May.Thank you for the comments on the ceramics, you guys make me want to go straight into the workshop right now again and start working!! Looking forward to your projects too, Holly (you will have a crazy year too, I believe!), and we have a skype call pending.I have a request for a magazine shoot and need your help! xx

  5. Hi Gudy, your post really resonated with me. Balance is something we all aspire to, I’ve always been a keen traveller, however for the last couple of years, I’ve had the urge to stay put which has been wonderful! I hope that you get the time to yourself that you need. Your ceramic pieces are beautiful so I’m really looking forward to hopefully owning one or three one day also. Take care, Doris

    1. Dear Doris! I had a major overseas trip cancelled last November and managed to stay home for two entire month. It has been wonderful. I managed to see my friends again, spend Christmas with them and even new Year’s Eve. I enjoyed my city and just came back into a certain routine again. Never thought I would so much love a routine:-) It’s good to stay home for a while, isn’t it? In your case I guess having small children helps to stay put too, doesn’t it? Loved the ceramics comment, thank you so much! xx

  6. SOO looking forward to the courses and blogger event in autumn!!! And so curious, I think it’s a great idea and I will stay tuned not no miss it!
    Travelling can be great and exhausting at the same time. I have to travel a lot, work wise and I really enjoy it most of the time but would like to travel a little bit less…
    LG, Sarah :)

  7. ~Hi Gudy! Throw ~(sorry about the pun) yourself into your ceramics-I would if I was that talented. I feel it’s time for change, for everyone to try something new and expand their horizons. How exciting with a BCN get-together-what a fabulous place to have it! I spend more and more time with my kids now-hardly do press events in London anymore-I just decided to make them priority number 1, but sometimes I miss seeing everyone, so as you say, balance required! Hope you have another fantastically successful year and maybe see you over there! xx

    1. I totally understand what you are saying, Caroline! There is no major challenge for a mom than finding the right balance, I guess. It is already for me which is much easier with no children. Yes, meeting again would be wonderful! xx

  8. I imagine all of that travel would be draining! How perfect for you to have the choice to be able to pull back a bit and focus on something so beautiful and noble as your beautiful ceramics and I can see how happy it makes you. You have a stream of fans of your work so far so that says something. I can’t wait to see you launch your collection! Mel xx

    1. Hi Mel, actually I do not have the choice at all but I am doing it anyhow since this is what I love. You learn that swimming against the stream is just a question of time and it is freaking scary to stop and have the bills to be paid but I know it pays off at the end. So, let’s go for it!xx

  9. “You learn that swimming against the stream is just a question of time” Wise words indeed!

    You know I learned the hard way but I can tell you that having had A LOT of money and also HARDLY ANYTHING due to a nervous breakdown in my late 20’s I now have no fear of not being able to pay bills and live in ‘full abundance’. All that happened is that I scaled back my expectations, learned what my true values are in life (certainly not money or so called ‘success’) and life changed for the better!

    All that’s important is your true calling and what makes you feel ALIVE and passionate about life. For you it seems to be producing beautiful ceramics.Why not make a pact with yourself that designing, making and producing a collection is of utter priority to your soul AND therefore needs to fit in with the ‘practical’ side of your life. Bingo! There’s your balance. Even 20 minutes towards your goal everyday can lift your spirit and make everything else palatable.

    Oh, and btw, I totally agree about the travelling. In my 20’s and 30’s I was on a plane most days (work, family, relationships).. I now cherish my home, my routines and being able to follow my dreams.. but then I’m turning 50 in the summer and it’s taken a long time and hard work to get here:-)

    I’d be delighted to join your event in Barcelona and have been itching for a newish angle to the Blog conferences. Go girl. One way or another I hope we’ll finally meet:-)


    1. I have a similar story, Tina. What has changed is that I believe it is possible to make good money and have a decent life quality at the same time since it’s all about organizing and setting the right priorities. And yes, I agree when you are a bit more ‘grown’, things get easier since we take them differently. Yes, please, let’s make it possible to meet up! You are definitely on my wish list for ‘off-line people meeting’:-) xx

  10. Por fin he podido centrarme en tu post de hoy.

    Creo que este 2014 te espera con los brazos abiertos para recibirte a ti y a todos tus proyectos. De hecho tu “proyectas” energía, vida, orden, entusiasmo, descubrimiento, atrevimiento! Tu eres un gran proyecto de amiga, de persona, de bloggera, de lo que se te ponga por delante. A ti no te para nadie y ese descanso por el mundo hará que los locales te disfrutemos, aprendamos y valoremos lo que tenemos tan cerca.

    Deseando participar de todo lo que propongas. Porque te sale de dentro y eso amiga se nota y tus ganas de vivirlo es contagioso.

    Ole tu!

    Feliz nuevo año! Un fuerte abrazo!


    1. Guapa!Si yo proyecto todo eso, ni te cuento tú que eres una fuente de optimismo como no la he visto nunca. Gracias por estar allí y acompañar. Ole tu de vuelta! Un abrazo muy grande!

  11. Hi Gudy! You are so busy bee. It’s great to hear you have time and plans for your ceramics. Started following your beautiful white line :)
    I wish I would also find a balance between work and my own work with blog and art. Somehow I feel I just want to paint more and more…

    1. You know Kreeta, I believe you’ll paint more and more one day because you just have to.It may take a time but you’ll find a way because you have have that much talent to offer!Your soul is a very creative and arty one. Wishing you good, good luck there! xx

  12. Hola Gudy!! Es un placer el haberte conocido virtualmente, desprendes una vitalidad y sabiduría absoluta, me encantaría poder acercarme un día por Barcelona, charlar contigo con un café y que me contagiases de esa vitalidad. Seguro que será un año lleno de proyectos e ilusiones y espero no perderme ni uno. Y ojalá podamos compartir alguno de ellos!! Te deseo un feliz 2014 Gudy!! A disfrutar de esa hermosa ciudad, Barcelona!! Besos

  13. I admire you for doing all the travelling and totally understand that you want to be at home more. Really love your work and think you should go for it! hug hx

  14. This post of yours made me stop doing what I have been doing for the past 2 weeks (renovating before and after work)… Thank you so much for sharing, dear Gudy! I am convinced, that connecting to your community & working on your porcelain projects will be more than fulfilling to you! I have lived in quite a few different cities and countries and at some point I got tired of running after all of my impressions and decided to listen to my gut and stayed in my little area instead of settling in some other interesting place in the world, again… I admire busy travelers, who seem to love it. I also need my extrinsic influences BUT a trip once in a while does a lot more for me than running after all the impressions without having the time to contemplate about it.
    Have a good time writing and creating! Can’t wait to see you again, as I’ve already saved a trip to Barcelona in fall, like you told me to. Getting together in person is so much better!

  15. It’s so nice to read that you decided to swim against the stream for a bit, Gudy, in order to find a nicer balance between traveling, routine, community projects and your ceramics. It may be a little scary, but I’m sure it will pay off in the end. Doing what you love always will. And hurray for different & “real” blogger get-togethers! bisous!

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