New Mood Board Masterclass Dates 2020

Mood Board Masterclass Noviembre 2019 ©moodboardacademy

I have just uploaded two new dates of the Mood Board Masterclass 2020 in Spanish and English.

If you ever wanted to join, the one-day masterclass How To Create A Mood Board As A Business Tool, you might want to go to the course site to get more information.


Mood Board Masterclass Dates 2020 Eclectic Trends

Can you relate?

1// Visual stimulation is just everywhere, and it gets hard to stay focused on new projects. We live and work with many half-formed ideas that never get to be activated.

2// Our clients receive as many visual stimuli as we do. It has become more challenging to get their attention.

3// Creating a mood board is only half of the job done. How can I communicate my intentions displayed on a mood board, so my audience not only understands the project but signs of the deal? 

Mood Board Masterclass Noviembre 2019 ©moodboardacademy

Student work by Eve Chegaray

Mood Board Masterclass Noviembre 2019 ©moodboardacademy

This course program is designed to provide a business tool that allows

1// to gain clarity during any creative process.

2// to present ideas in a very visual yet structured way. We do not leave anything by chance; every single element on the board has a reason to be. 

3// to feel more confident when presenting projects to an audience with a three-steps-formula that acts as a guideline.

Mood Board Masterclass Noviembre 2019 ©moodboardacademy

Student work by Jana Aberg 

This course is thought for anyone who

1// needs to get away from the screen for one day and create in a stimulating, likeminded environment getting tactile and want to have fun

2// is sometimes stuck in a creative process without knowing where to start at

3// wants to communicate in a more confident way

4// has never mood boarded before but realizes this could be a powerful business tool

5// is already mood boarding but would like to go pro with specific techniques

6// is interested in learning a resource that could be essential for a better teamwork communication

Mood Board Masterclass Noviembre 2019 ©moodboardacademy

Mood Board Masterclass Noviembre 2019 ©moodboardacademy

Student work by Merel Kaagman 

Mood Board Masterclass Noviembre 2019 ©moodboardacademy

Mood Board Masterclass Noviembre 2019 ©moodboardacademy

PH: Joanna Noguera

I am not mentioning specific professions or creative industries because, during the last years, I have many different job titles and fields in this masterclass; it makes it impossible to classify. This technique is useful for anybody who needs a hands-on activator and communication technique.

The complete course program of the Mood Board Masterclass 2020 is explained in English and Spanish.

Please hop over to access more information. I hope you can join us, drop me a line if you have any questions. G, x


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Mood Board Creation: Learn How To Effectively Communicate

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You’ll find now a very complete starter program, which comes subtitled in eight languages. You will learn:

  • why haptic moodboarding becomes more relevant and effective in 2022 
  • how to create a balanced board that not only looks good but works as a memorable communication tool
  • that I do not start a mood board with the creative hands-on process but with a thinking process and a formula
  • how I used that specific formula in a business project, which I share with you