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Mood Board Workshop Dates for 2019!

How to create a moodboard house | Eclectic Trends

Since the focus during this year is on publishing our Trend Books, I had not the chance so far planning any mod board classes but I’m happy to do so now. The Mood Board Workshop Dates for 2019 are published now! In case you have not seen the program so far, let me briefly explain what to expect:

Mood Board Workshop Dates for 2019 Eclectic Trends

Irene Terrón

Can you relate?

1// Visual stimulation is just everywhere and it gets hard to stay focused on new projects with many half-formed ideas that never get to be activated.

2// Our clients receive as much visual stimuli as we do. It has become more difficult to get their attention.

3// Creating a mood board is only half of the job done. Now, how should I communicate my intentions displayed on the mood board in a clear and concise way?


The course program is designed to provide a business tool that allows

1// to gain clarity since we see and read a lot being connected 24/7; clarity is focus and focus is power.

2// to present ideas in a very visual yet structured way. We do not leave anything by chance, every single element on the board has a reason to be included. This is why we mind-map our project at first place.

3// to feel more confident when presenting projects with a three-steps-formula that acts as a guideline.


Mood Board Workshop Dates for 2019 Eclectic Trends

Roomer Design

Mood Board Workshop Dates for 2019 Eclectic Trends


Ph: Joana Noguera

This course is thought for anyone who

1// needs to get away from the screen for one day and create in a stimulating, likeminded environment getting tactile and want to have fun

2// is sometimes stuck in a creative process without knowing where to start at

3// wants to communicate in a more confident way

4// has never moodboarded before but realizes this could be a powerful business tool

5// is already moodboarding but would like to go pro with specific techniques

6// is interested in learning a resource that could be essential for a better team work communication

You see, I am not mentioning specific professions or creative industries because during the last years I have seen so many different job titles in this masterclass, I wouldn’t know where to start at. I have learned this technique is basically good for anybody who needs a different activator and communication technique.

Also, this is a very international environment and people are flying in from all over the world. Even at the Spanish courses you will find different nationalities which makes me very happy.

The complete course program is explained in English and Spanish. Please hop over to get more information.

I hope you can join us, drop me a line if you have any questions. G, x

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