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We’ve come a long way with Domestika discussing since 2018 the type of program we could do together to inspire and bring value to their creative community and platform.

The new program for beginners of the mood board journey shares Gudy’s experience in many on- and offline workshops, which she has given since 2016.

You will learn:

  • why haptic moodboarding becomes more relevant and effective in 2022 than digital mood boards 


  • how to create a balanced board that not only looks good but works as a communication tool


  • that I do not start a mood board with the creative hands-on process but I dive into a thinking process with a formula


  • how I used that specific formula in a business project which I share with you

You will find a very complete beginner program on Domestika filled with

Please note this is a course specializing on haptic moodboarding only without covering the broad field of digital mood boards.


Mood Board Course on Domestika with Gudy Herder

“This course is designed for anybody who believes a mood board is much more than a setup of random elements that might look good together but do not convey a coherent message.”


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