How To Create A Mood Board

As A Design & Communication Tool


Masterclass Barcelona 31. 03. 2020

Do you lack clarity when it comes to translating creative ideas that are still abstract?

Would you like to gain confidence when presenting your project to a client through a clear and concise message?

In ever-connected day-to-day, we often feel overstimulated with so much visual information available. As a consequence, you might have noticed your brain is jam-packed with half-formed concepts.

This three-steps program shows you how to break down your ideas based on a thorough analysis, put them into a visual context, and get a concise message across, both in a visual and verbal context.

The mood board will act as a facilitator and activator.

STEP 1: The Analysis

You will learn how to:

  • use a mind-map to kick-start a process 
  • to find the right keywords for your project
  • to balance out emotional and rational messages 

"I had never thought before of how important the analysis and mind-mapping part could be. Not only it helped to structure ideas and translate keywords into materials on my mood board afterwards, but I would work with much more intention and confidence becoming more aware of my own work."

Clara Sullà, Textile Artist

STEP 2: The Moodboarding Session

You will learn:

  • 4 design principles that guarantee a balanced composition
  • the power of visual language
  • how to unclutter and filter all elements that go on your board
  • what works on a mood board and what not
  • hands-on moodboarding with individual guidance

The workshop has taken my business to a new level within weeks!

I knew it would help me present ideas to clients from a design perspective, but my understanding of how directive, strong and communicative a mood board can be when created from real intention, changed the way I thought about the technique. It has changed the way I work! 

Nicola Wilkes, Creative Business Coach and Brand Consultant , My Settled Home

STEP 3: How to present your project

If you’ve ever tried to walk a client through a creative concept, you might have realized it's not always the easiest task.

Not all clients think like creatives do or speak the same language.

If your concept pitch is not crystal clear and expertly delivered, often due to a lack of confidence, your message can be misinterpreted. 

Having created a well-structured mood board is only half of the process done. Now, how to sell it?

You will learn how to:

  • understand and identify primary objectives and proper messaging
  • present solutions, not features
  • close a presentation
  • give feedback, so fellow students get valuable insights

"Gudy’s course was a total game-changer, it helped to improve my visual storytelling skills, which are fundamental when briefing the teams I collaborate with, but also and as important, strengthened my skills to communicate more efficiently." 

Andrea Ochoa, Product Manager Carolina Herrera

This masterclass is for you if

  • you want to present a visual proposal to your clients that immediately draws their attention and makes you stand out
  • you lack focus and want to gain clarity during a creative process
  • you'd like to improve your mood boarding skills and go pro
  • you believe tactile presentations are much more powerful than digital proposals

Entrepreneurs, shop owners, bloggers, stylists, photographers, wedding planners, teachers, project managers, artisans, all design disciplines (interiors, graphic, fashion, etc.), and anyone curious working on creative projects.

All you need is a concrete project in mind you want to define the day of the masterclass and to be

guided on. 

The program is designed for: 

PD: And we offer corporate workshops too. Let us know if you prefer an in-house course by dropping a line

We will work on your clarity, vision, and communication.

What is included?

  • all materials for the day, except those that define your style or project (a workbook will be sent upon registering where you find all details)
  • you'll take your project home with you
  • worksheets during the workshop
  • coffee break and refreshments
  • a light lunch created by food designer Elsa Yranzo
  • NEW: professional images of your mood board you can use at your convenience

Watch and listen to some testimonials we received from lovely students who are joining in from all over Europe and the US.

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One-Day Masterclass


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When: 31.03.2020, 10am-6pm

Where: Badabadoc, c/Quevedo, 36, 08012  Barcelona


Gudy Herder is an international trend consultant, keynote speaker, and certified trainer based in Barcelona, Spain.

She helps brands and businesses anticipate trends and use them to develop products that inspire, tell a story, and ultimately sell.

At tactile mood boarding workshops, more than 1.000 clients have how to use mood boards as a useful business tool to articulate trends, present ideas, and win support for projects.

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