How To Create A Well Structured Mood Board   

Have you ever been stuck in a creative process facing lack of clarity?

Clarity Is Power. 

Being focused is the ultimate goal for any business.

This self-paced ecourse shows you how to create a tactile moodboard focussing down to the main elements so your message stays simple but straight to the point online .

This ecourse is for you if

  • want to learn how to get a concise and appealing message through your mood board
  • need an activator to get started any project
  • believe moodboarding is not about putting randomnly pretty images together
  • want to get tactile on your mood boards
  • you'd like to start and finish the learnings at any date with no time limit

You  will get an comprehensive overview on what moodboarding is about and how you can benefit 

by using this technique properly. 

This extensive course contains:

  • a 3 steps program to plan, execute and follow-up on your moodboard
  • 8 techniques to create a well structured moodboard (you probably have never thought of before)
  • a live moodboarding session with Gudy
  • tips & tricks and loads of visual inspiration

What you will learn:

Most people still believe a mood board is about pulling together a pretty collage. This is why the message gets lost most of the time.

  • Welcome
  • What is a mood board?
  • Components of a mood board
  •  Tactile vs. digital
  • The concept of moodboarding
  • Analysis & defining keywords
  • Curating a mood board
  • Follow-up
  • Eight guidelines for structuring a tactile mood board
  • Use of the backdrop
  • Overlaying
  • Color
  • Negative space
  • Print-texture split
  • Sizes
  • Working with text
  • Attaching materials
  • Live moodboarding session
  • Conclusion
  • Good bye
  • Extra Bonus_1
  • Extra Bonus_2

Course outline:

If you need some extra information, please watch the video:

And we have a free ebook for you to get inspired and see how many different mood board set ups are possible. 

It comes packed with 13 ideas and more than 50 key visuals!

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Gudy Herder is an international trend consultant, speaker, and certified trainer based in Barcelona, Spain.

She help brands and businesses anticipate trends and use them to develop products that inspire, tell a story, and ultimately, sell.

At tactile moodboarding workshops, clients learn how to use moodboards as an effective business tool to articulate trends, present ideas, and win support for projects.


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