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Moody styling with a Christmas wreath

This is Anastasia of Stilzitat and I am more than happy to be on Gudy’s blog again! I am a big, big fan of Christmas decoration but because I didn’t want to overdo it this year, I narrowed it down to one theme: decorating without a Christmas tree! I was so inspired by Gudy’s former mood boards, so I decided to go for a moody styling and a simple Christmas wreath.

What you need:

– birch branches {because they are so flexible and you don’t need any wire to bind it}

– any wire you can find {to fix the evergreen on the wood, I was out of green flower wire, so I used a simple silver wire}

– scissors

– flower glue

– fir cones

– any evergreen will do {I love to go for a walk in a forest nearby and gather anything that has fallen to the ground}

Christmas wreath_DIY_Stilzitat

Start by making the wreath first: the birch branches are so soft, all you really need to do is to bend them and to intertwine the branches. After having created your wreath, cut your evergreen to pieces and place them on the wreath. As the wreath is asymmetrical in the first place, the pieces don’t have to be the same size or don’t have to fit perfect. Start form the bottom and work yourself up, work with the wire to fix the evergreen to the wood. You can stop in the middle, like I did, and in the end add the cones to the wreath.

I have added photos to show you how to connect the cones to the wreath, if you should have difficulties adjusting, just add a little glue and wait for 30 mins before  hanging the wreath. Try to do this at home – not only will you be proud of your own work, but it will also spread and Christmas-y scent that will get you into your very own Christmas mood. I am out of here to work on more Christmas decoration and would love to wish you a very blessed, wonderful & crafty holiday season!

XO Anastasia


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14 Responses

  1. This is beautiful Anastasia … I love the moody color and the wreath comes out so well on it… I haven’t bought a tree either this year and having bits of decoration, very subtle and discrete. Christmas tree decoration come out to be always the same every year and this time I wanted to have something different. The Christmas mood is there but I won’t feel guilty after the holidays to throw away a living tree! Thank you for sharing this xxi.

    1. Hey, I am so glad you like my wreath! I have the exact same reason why I wanted to decorate without a Christmas tree – I don’t want to throw away a tree that has been growing for years! And the little decoration works well for me! There is so much you can do and if you have to avoid a traditional decoration, you get even more creative… XO, Anastasia

    1. Dear Carole, this is funny… One of the first things I learned, while living in the US was, that the word ‘different’ can also mean ‘strange’ – just a polite way to avoid the word ugly :-) I love that you mentioned ‘in a very good way’ because it makes my heart melt! Thank you so much!

    1. Dear Geraldine, thank you so much for all the love! The wall is in my bedroom and I had this color up for 2 years now. I love how everything {let it be furniture or jewelry hung on the antlers} looks so striking in front of this blue-ish grey. It somehow doubles the color of everything. Have a good week and let us know what your patients thought of your lovely Christmas poster… XO Anastasia

  2. Esa pared oscura es el marco ideal para esa corona verde preciosa. Me recuerda a mis paseos en plena montaña. Más que una manualidad exquisita parece una verdadera joya encontrada entre los árboles de un frondoso bosque. Muy natural y delicada! Parece que vaya a romperse.


  3. My goodness Anastasia, what a lovely wreath. I love the moody background, the contrast of the green and branches against the dark wall is beautiful. xD

  4. really lovely, simple and efficient… such a frech chritsmas mood Bravo!
    And I have a question about the wall color… which reference and painting is it… Love that grey!
    thanks Anastasia and have a great time now!

    1. Dear Lau, thank you so much for all the love – I really appreciate it! The color is a noname color I had mixed at a german hardware store. If you are thinking about getting dark walls, try to get little buckets of color, paint them on your walls to see how it look with the times & lights changing in the room… Have a blessed holiday season – Anastasia

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