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Moreysmith transforms a dormant generator building into a multi-purpose office


Moreysmith Interiors Studio have transformed the Waterside Generator Building, located in Bristol into a sustainable, adaptable and flexible space.

The Waterside Generator Building was initially established in 1890 to generate power for Bristol Tramways, which operated as the city’s electric tram system until it was destroyed during World War II. It has since fallen into disrepair, but with the help of Moreysmith, it has been given a new lease on life…a second life…


This previously dormant space has now been completely revitalised as a dynamic office space that has been designed to suit the needs of modern businesses.

Moreysmith, a leading interior design and architecture firm, has a reputation for creating inspiring spaces that are both beautiful and functional.

The project has been designed with multi-purpose use in mind, making it a highly adaptable space that can be used for a range of different activities. It features a range of workspaces, from private offices to shared workstations, as well as meeting rooms and communal areas.


The space has been designed with a focus on flexibility and adaptability, allowing businesses to create their own unique working environment that suits their individual needs.


This means that the space can be easily reconfigured to suit the changing needs of businesses over time, making it a highly practical choice for those looking for a long-term office solution.

One of the key features of this project is its use of natural light.

The space has been designed to maximize the amount of natural light that enters the building, creating a bright and uplifting environment that is conducive to productivity, creativity and well-being.


The building also features a range of sustainable design features, such as energy-efficient lighting and heating systems, as well as recycling facilities.

This commitment to sustainability reflects Moreysmith’s commitment to creating spaces that not only look great but also have a positive impact on the environment and sets an example for the growing importance of environmental responsibility in modern business.

The Tram Generator Building is a stunning example of how innovative design can breathe new life into even the most neglected of spaces.

By creating a space that is both beautiful and functional, Moreysmith has demonstrated that great design has the power to transform not just buildings, but the way we work and live as well.

Photography: Fiona Smallshaw

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