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Eclectic Trends | Scanned-Moodboard-for-SisterMag-2

I had a double feature in this month issue of this fab online magazine and would like to share my last Moodboard for sisterMAG. It fits very nicely into the current topic of the month which is all about insects and fragility in this April issue. Thea, one of the founders, had come up with the idea since she attended last year my trend conference I gave in Barcelona, and Scanned! was actually one of the four trends I was lecturing about.



It’s been great fun to work on the moodboard and  I am currently working already on another series of four, I’ll show you once they are published.

Initially, the trend Scanned! has been developed for British consultancy Global Color Research and while the idea and text are similar to the ones I had presented, I have changed the color pattern looking for a stronger, and at the same time, more interesting contrast.

The origin of this trend stems from a highly tech ruled world where we feel increasingly scanned. In today’ s life, we face a constant correlation of security and surveillance with the human body being scanned at an airport when we travel, while interacting on the internet or tracked by hidden street cameras.

As an interesting contrast to observe, Scanned! sees its translation in wonderful x-ray photography where beauty lies in transparency and fragility. Revealing the inside of objects becomes art.

Eclectic Trends | Scanned-Moodboard-for-SisterMag-2

Eclectic Trends | Scanned-Moodboard-for-SisterMag-2

By exposing an object to x-rays, one discovers new and sometimes surprisingly delicate structures and hidden beauty. It is a technique that invites to strip back the layers and discover what it is that lies under the obvious surface.

Eclectic Trends | Scanned-Moodboard-for-SisterMag-2

Scanned Moodboard-Eclectic Trends for sisterMAG

Stephen N Meyers captivates with his giclée prints (flowers, plants and see creatures) using a sophisticated and patented printing process where a fine stream of ink is applied on watercolor paper. As a result, the transparency of his natural objects is just stunning.

Meyers carries on a tradition begun over seventy years ago called radiographic art. Unlike traditional radiographic art, Meyers actually prints these x-ray photographs, a difficult process since x-ray doesn’t react to paper in the same ways that standard photographs do. He began selling his radiographic flower photographs via street vendors in New York, but now shows several exhibitions a year.

Scanned Moodboard-Eclectic Trends for sisterMAG

On the other side and with a more mechanical approach, British photographer Nick Veasey holding several International awards, works at a x-ray lab combining the art of photography and the science of radiology. His studio is equipped with a medical scanner 60 times as powerful as medical ones.

You can read more about other artists on my first post and see other color variations and a corresponding palette there. Texts and images go much more into detail on the sisterMAG article here, and I recommend if you have not so far, download their current issue (it’s free) and get a good reading time over the long weekend. G, x


If you are interested in learning how to create your own well- structured mood board, have a look at our courses!


How about some extra inspiration?

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