My Christmas decoration this year (and finally back to the workshop)

At this moment I have been spending 3 weeks in a row home and was finally ready again to go to my ceramics workshop I hadn’t seen in two month. After a break, the most difficult moment is the first day, showing off and starting something new. There are always a dozen of excuses of not going and even I am really passionate about ceramics, I am having a hard time finding my rhythm.

But I went this week and it felt so good. I wanted to do some porcelain Christmas ornaments and had been thinking about the design of those arrows for weeks now. After some drawings and testing with a paper sample, I was all ready to go.

Christmas arrows

If you don’t want to go for porcelain, you can do them easily yourself with dry air clay. Just make sure they are thick enough and don’t get broken.

3 Christmas arrows

You can either hang them…

Large Christmas arrow

…use them for gift wrapping…

Christmas arrow

…or just decorate your table. The wholes are optional but make them so versatile.

Christmas arrows gift wrapping

Gift wrapping will be white and gold here this year…

Christmas branches

…and I am working on the all over deco with a quite monochromatic look. I have discovered these stunning  white cascade amaranthus branches for the first time this year at my flower shop and will certainly include them at the Christmas dinner table decor.

Christmas arrows seeds

How about you? What are you doing for gift wrapping this year?

Ah, and I am working with a tripod now. Can you tell? :-)

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