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My December Moodboard

This time I have managed to publish my moodboard in the fist days of the month! It’s been an easy choice of colors and look&feel this time. I have started beginning this week with my Christmas decoration home (will show you tomorrow), and it has been all the way around this time: first I worked on the project, then I translated it into a moodboard. Not planned, it just happened like this and I like the outcome.

december moodboard_6

december moodbord

december moodboard_2

december moodboard_04

december moodboard_5

december moodboard_3

So, after two moody month (October and November), it gets all airy again. My month is about baking and powdered sugar, sitting on the sofa with woolen throws, beautiful frosted nature in the mornings, I could think of start kitting again, soft shades and slowing down.

How does your December look like?

How about some extra inspiration?

9 Responses

  1. Love this one Gudy! Ihave had mails to show more of my moodboards from my little readership ;-), but I think that will have to start next year now!! Your December sounds just lovely. I hope I don’t leave everything too late again-my house is upside down and I can’t find anything!! xx

    1. I can understand! Moodboards are so personal and give a little extra sneak peak in the blogger’s style and taste, right? I love yours a lot being so organic and natural always!

  2. Lovely mood board. I had the same feeling this morning. I had a post ready once again with moody colors and I felt I had enough … I started it all over again and the result is bright and airy! I love the pictures you picked. Not too Christmas-y, with soft and light textures, and that winter feeling I miss so much right now (Here the sky is blue and temperatures are so mild I wonder which season i’m living in). Have a lovely day Gudy xxi.

  3. I am always so impressed by your moodboards. The current issue is absolutely my cup of tea. With your board the winter can come and I am hibernating with those beautiful colours. Now I am taking my woolen pullover and come over to your sofa for cookies and café con leche.
    warmly, Sandy

  4. Puro, delicado, limpio, pasajero, pausado, tranquilo, delicado, esperanzador, luminoso, reposado, bonito, dulce, y mil veces más, delicado!

    Bonito Diciembre. Pasa un bonito Diciembre amiga!


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