My July Moodboard

This is the first time I am showing you a mood board from my ceramics workshop. I have been working on the look&feel of White Atelier, the label under which I will launch a little ceramics collection later this year.

My key words here I have worked with are black&white and gold when it comes to colors, nature then and textures as a general term. I found some textures I want to integrate somehow (see the last image), still thinking about how, and  the colors I have put together here will be used for the logo and packaging.

juli moodboard

juli moodboard hand

When it comes to describe emotions in this mood board, I chose an image (via Cocorrina) I really like since it represents my wanted color scheme and a message at the same time that is always good to be aware of during a creative process. Believing in what you are doing, in who you are and that everything will turn out just fine!

juli moodboard believe

juli moodboard texturas

And I absolutely wanted to surround myself with some pieces, samples, experiments I am working now with. So, voilà, that is this month inspiration. What is yours?

Texture images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

How about some extra inspiration?

2 Responses

  1. Black, white, gold and then natures and textures. Such beautiful combos. I love how you included the “believe” card, because it really is so true that if you don’t, you may as well forget it. That alone is a huge part of the recipe and then of course your incredible talent and uniqueness. I really look forward to this launch Gudy, I’m certain it will be so well received. Mel xx

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