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My May Mood Board |And a couple of really great news

It’s been a busy weekend, we have finished filming the Spanish version of our moodboard video course, and before I start traveling again this afternoon, I’d like to share with you my latest mood board I did already a few days ago for Fiona’s workshop Colour For Creatives. And I have some VERY EXCITING news for you!

The workshop was just wonderful, I have loved to teach a little moodboarding session with so many creatives traveling to London that day, and I learned quite a bit myself. Since that date, I am reworking my rebranding process and have started almost from scratch again. The color palette and look&feel I had thought of would just not work for the site’s purpose, and Fiona’s teachings were a real eye-opener.

London workshop-Gudy Herder

We had done a mood board as homework that would reflect our personal style. The other board we would bring with us was thought to show our branding theme and then compare both. My two boards were pretty similar but today the branding board would be a totally different one. And believe me, I am still bringing new elements into it every single week, and will do so until it feels right:)

My May Moodboard-Eclectic Trends

I had never thought of color in seasons and just to give you a few examples, you can convey a spring, summer, autumn or winter style to your business, and depending on the season the result is obviously different.

If you are a spring type, your personality is probably expressive, you are creative, forward-thinking and belong to excellent communicators working with light, bright and clear colors.

As a summer type, you’d have a strong sense of responsibility, you are organized, empathetic and elegant and are drawn to cool, dedicated and muted colors.

Autumn stands for a rather ambitious personality, focused, with a strong sense of history and  connection with the outdoors. Colors are warm, intense and muted.

And winter would speak to a decisive, driven, self-assured and visionary person matching cool, strong, intense and clear colors.

Each color scheme comes with certain fonts and geometric shapes. It’s fascinating, and I can’t wait to read Fiona’s book How to style a brand to learn more which you can order on Amazon.

My May Moodboard

What you see above, is my personal style mood board. I have always been drawn to blues, natural elements, but you’ll find as well fashion and trend related  images. There are, of course, some ceramics elements,  and a bit of glam. Because I have to admit, a little luxe feels so good from time to time! Not too much of a surprise I guess, right?

Back to the great news, on one site, Fiona has invited me again this November as a teacher with a moodboarding part, and I can’t wait to share a little bit of that inspiring day with her again. So, if you plan to come, I’d love to see you there. Registrations are already open! Don’t wait too long, she sells out pretty fast.

And the next amazing news is, I have opened the pre-sales of my first video course on “How To Create A Well Structured Mood Board”. I can’t believe we have done it!

It’s been several month of work, and it’s finally here. I am really happy and a bit proud too. I have set up a new page so you can read all about it and see a first video where I pretty much explain everything about what to learn, who could benefit and you can get a free e-book. I hope to see you there! G, x

How about some extra inspiration?

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