My November Mood Board

Today I am not showing you the typical monthly mood board post but a few images from the life moodboarding session I was giving during our Define Your Signature Style Workshop in London a couple of weeks ago. There are some images you might have seen using me already but this entire color palette still sticks with me and will for some more month, I believe.

Eclectic Trends-My November Mood Board

Eclectic Trends-My November Mood Board

Eclectic Trends-My November Mood Board

Eclectic Trends-My November Mood Board

Eclectic Trends-My November Mood Board

Pictures are partly taken by Emily Quinton and Ruth Yardy

I was showing how I start a mood board with larger images, they go first, deciding then what images and colors I want to overlay (pic 5) , or if I go for color overlaying- maximum 3 here if the color chips are small, 2 if they are bigger. A very important aspect is too where to place light points which I recommend to spread balanced all over the collage and adding finally textures. That’s it!

Wishing you some last lovely last November days.  G, x

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Really gorgeous Gudy! I’m about to embark on my own first moodboard to get the look that I’m after for the relaunch. Funny that I’ve never actually done one before!! I also bookmarked your other post with some tips and I’ll go read it now. Do you get most of your images from tear sheets from magazines? How do you feel about tearing from beautiful journals like Kinfolk? Do you do it? Big hugs! M xx

    1. Hi Mel, let me hear if you need any help here or feel free to share with me-sometimes an objective opinion might bring you to the next step. I work with magazines, Pinterest and I copy images from magazines I don’t want to destroy. And I usually always credit all sources (which takes a lot of time!), didn’t do his time bc of the event itself.

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