My October Moodboard

Eclectic Trends-October Moodboard (4)

Eclectic Trends-October Moodboard (3)

Eclectic Trends-October Moodboard

Eclectic Trends-October Moodboard (2)

My October Moodboard is all inspired by the #itsamoody challenge, and I can’t get enough of this colour palette. I am even thinking of changing the Eclectic Trends logo and adapt to darker tones getting away from the pastel mood. But apart from the IG fun, these are kind of my colours now, I don’t see them seasonal and feel really comfortable with the darker and richer tones. Note there is no black but a really dark midnight blue which I find very sophisticated. Interesting enough I don’t decorate my home with these colours but use them a lot for styling purposes. The backdrop actually is grey but turned out blue-ish which still matches the whole story, I believe.

What colours are you driven to currently? G, xx

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. I am a black girl on clothes, and now I am moving a bit into greys…and little touches of colour. At home it is just the opposite. White and clear colours but in a cold palette. My home is too little to try dark colours.

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