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My Trend Talk For Creative Mornings

Trend Talk with Gudy Herder-Creative Mornings-Eclectic Trends

I had the pleasure to be the invited guest speaker at a fully booked Creative Mornings November edition here in Barcelona. Being a loyal participant of the event whenever I am in town, it has been wonderful to be on the other side presenting this time myself.

Creative Mornings is a monthly breakfast lecture series for the creative community created in 2008 by Tina Roth-Eisenberg in Brooklyn, New York with the idea of facilitating creative communities and providing a space for people to share and discuss their work. Today these events are hosted in over 160 cities worldwide.

Creative Mornings-Gudy Herder-Mood Board

left image by Carla Teixeira

I was talking about upcoming trends and my favorite tool to present these which you all know, are mood boards. Apart from discussing the trends of Scanned! 2016/17 and Archaic Simplicity 2017/18 with the help of tactile mood boards, I wanted to make it a more interactive session than it uses to be and had asked everybody forehand to do a bit of homework and come prepared.

Trend Talk with Gudy Herder-Creative Mornings-Eclectic Trends

The idea was to create in between all of us a large Inspiration Wall (6m long) and see what our dreams are, what inspires or moves us currently.

Trend Talk with Gudy Herder-Creative Mornings-Eclectic Trends

I had not worked in an interactive way with such a large group so far but in between 80 people we made it! And it turned out utterly inspiring! Once we had finished our common set up, questions were raised such as ‘do we have anything in common?’, or ‘what moves us as a creative community’? and ‘what emotions could we grasp’?

Trend Talk with Gudy Herder-Creative Mornings

Trend Talk with Gudy Herder-Creative Mornings-Eclectic Trends

Trend Talk - Gudy Herder-Creative Mornings-Eclectic Trends 239

left image by Nasualua

Trend Talk with Gudy Herder-Creative Mornings-Eclectic Trends 241

This one second video shows you the entire wall once we had finished. The common impression was we were talking about joy, escape, back to nature, creativity, cocooning and a lot of references to water and the sea. Clearly a Mediterranean thing:)

If you are interested in learning more about how to create a well structured mood board, you can always sign up for my e-course in English or Spanish or come to my Masterclass (the next is in January 2016). G, x


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