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Mycelium mushroom grows into a living coffin

Mushroom mycelium is a longtime favorite material here on Eclectic Trends and has appeared throughout the years in a few trend lectures. On this occasion, we’d like to show you how mycelium mushroom grows into a living coffin and how fungi could be used as burial markers next.

Biodesigner and researcher Bob Hendrikx develops the Loop Cocoon coffin, which actively contributes to the body decomposition and, simultaneously, being green material, removes toxic substances from the earth. Mycelium described as the world’s best recycler, is transforming organic matter into key nutrients for new nature to grow.

The inside of the coffin is filled with a soft bed of moss, which contributes to the composting process. In only 7 days and without the use of electricity or artificial light, the Loop Cocoon is grown with only local materials. Obviously, three are many questions that come to one’s mind when seeing this project. The producer site has a thorough Q&A page you can always check. They’ve currently grown the first few living coffins, which are available in the Netherlands via Loop of life or a partner. They aim to scale up their production and expect to deliver in other countries in the near future.

Mycelium mushroom grows into a living coffin

Mycelium mushroom grows into a living coffin

Mycelium mushroom grows into a living coffin

Mycelium mushroom grows into a living coffin


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