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NCS Color Trends 2018 – Win a printed guide!

NCS Colour Trends 2018 via Eclectic Trends

I am happy to announce I’ve teamed up with NCS Colour again to offer you a printed fan-deck after the huge success we saw last year. We have stocked the 35 units up to 50 fan-decks this time. The first 50 readers to subscribe, will receive a printed trend guide a their homes. The handy size makes it easy to work with, and you don’t want to miss the upcoming 4 NCS Color Trends 2018 with 24 standardised colors. Today we are going to give you a sneak peek of two of the four trends:

4 NCS Color Trends 2018 via Eclectic Trends

The Color Trends for coming seasons are a bold mix between rebellious, subtle luxury and togetherness creating palettes of daring accents, grounded hues and details in silver and gold.
NCS Colour


Assembling Color Trends for tomorrow might seem like guesswork, but really it is all about having a sense of today… To forecast a trend it is important to understand that trend drivers are a consequence of the stories that different parts of the world are telling. For the last few years the world has focused on Europe, the USA, the Middle East and China, where independence movements have changed our way of living, turning it into a serious struggle for some parts of the world. This has triggered a rebellious reaction amongst us where we once wanted to escape, and disconnect ourselves in a fantasy world far away – we are now facing reality and doing the best we can to make life beautiful.

However, in the meanwhile a whole continent has started to rise in importance – Africa.

The Color Trends to come are a reaction to the trend drives of today. We will therefore see rebellion in the shape of vivid yellow, reds and blue accompanied by black. Rawness transforming from cold concrete to marble and discreet details in silver and gold. The need of escape, which has shifted into togetherness and the collective, is now enveloping into grounded hues of brown, purple and green.



NCS Colour Trends 2018 via Eclectic Trends

An earthly shimmering mix of colors that reflects success, luxury and wealth.
NCS Colour


4 NCS Colour Trends 2018 via Eclectic Trends

Whilst the rest of the world are struggling with independence movements, Africa is doing just the opposite. As one of the fastest growing economies in the world, the continent is taking huge steps towards a unified and modern continent.

In 2018 they will have their own central bank, and in 2010 Africa expects they will have their own currency. A new Africa is risking, and with that a wealthy continent of sophisticated solutions and well-educated women and men.

The colors of the New Africa are, therefore, not a traditional color palette influenced by its natural resources; the beauty of its nature, the exotic flora and fauna, and the variation of cultures and people. But they are reflections of a heritage of success, luxury and wealth – in an African way. Mixing earthy shimmering hues reaching from dark reds, greens and dull oranges, to bamboo-influenced colors. Creating a tranquil palette full of life.

NCS Colour Trends 2018 via Eclectic Trends



NCS Colour Trends 2018 via Eclectic Trends

Subtle luxury created by stone effects, metallic finishes and details in silver and gold.
NCS Colour


NCS Colour Trends 2018 via Eclectic Trends

Both temporary housing situations and urban living have influenced our way of living. Contrary to what you might think, smaller living, temporary accommodation, dark spaces and urban surroundings have urged us to do our best with what we have. Influenced by Nordic design, our living has moved towards the more minimalistic, with its open spaces and natural colors, to create both a sense of space and light. Which actually creates a luxurious interior the makes us feel sophisticated and intellectual.

Luxurious Minimalism is, however, not a minimalism of simplicity. It is all about the details, adding luxury in a subtle way with details of marble and stone effects, gold, silver and metallic finishes.

The color palette for this trend is an interesting mix of cool grey and blue, along with warmer hues in copper and gold.

NCS Colour Trends 2018 via Eclectic Trends

All you have to do is following these two easy steps:

1. Leave a comment below the post that you are interested (this is essential).

2. Sign upHEREto get directed to a link where you can enter your details.

This is how the printed guide looks like once you open it up. The first 50 to sign up are the lucky winners and I hope you enjoy this fab guide as much as I do! Enjoy your gift and let us know what you think by using the hashtag #NCSGiveawayET and @gudyherder if you like to share your images with us on Instagram. Good luck! G, x


How about some extra inspiration?

182 Responses

  1. Very intrigued by the New Africa and High Tech Flower Power Colour Trends! I am interested in the Colour Guide and crossing my fingers! Thanks, Gudy!

  2. Dear Gudy,
    it would be wonderful to recieve one of the colour cards.
    The themes are gorgious and well curated.
    Happy spring day ***


  3. As someone who loves colors this is gold to my eyes. I specially love the aproach of the New Africa trend and how well they are all presented!!!

  4. Dear Gudy, I’m very interested in receiving the giveaway of the color printed guide #NCSGiveawayET.
    Will be very useful for my work and inspiration. Also I refer to a friend for subscribing right away. Her name is Desiree ;) hope we are on-time for enjoying of one of the samples. Many thanks!!!

  5. I love the luxurious minimalism trend, especially the combination of the metallic blue NCS S 5020-R80B with cool grey tones and the warm copper color. I can imagine that we could use this perfectly for website redesign too. Beside this, I’m happy to see that you work with NCS. What I really like is their approach, not solely about colors but about the effects they create in our everyday life.

  6. I love the feeling of these palettes. These colors feel super warm to me, besides the other many connotations they have like calmness, silence and luxury. I like the idea that bold colors will keep killing it within the next few years because I love them!

    Thanks for the article!

  7. I love it and it is a huge inspiration for my work. I will definitely work woth these color palettes in my new collection.
    Thank you for the good vibes and being on my way :)

  8. Love the inspiration and the colour decks!! <3 Thanks for sharing Judy – always so inspiring getting your emails and reading your posts.

  9. Thanks for your generosity, Gudy! I’d love to have a copy of color report for reference, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed! ;)

  10. Wow! I am soooo much interested in it because we have just moved again and I am struggling a bit with choosing the right colors for walls etc. Thanks a lot for such great opportunity! ;)
    Love, Nadine – breukesselchen

  11. I know it’s gone 50 but I would still like to comment on how amazing the colours and concepts look and feel! Very excited for 2018!

  12. Wir sind wieder einmal begeistert und würden uns sehr freuen, wenn wir einen Katalog gewinnen.
    Liebe Grüße aus Löhne

  13. Love your content Gudy and following you intently. You are a real inspiration!
    Special thanks to NCS for partnering with you. Would love to receive the full guide!

  14. I can there’s already lucky winners, but what an extraordinary great way to get more focus on this continent. Heard the African Elle decor podcast and it’s such a way to get more insight in this beautiful side of the world. Looking forward to more about the NCS trend colours. Wishing u a great day dearest Lady.

    1. Oh, would love to hear more about the podcast. Is there a link you can forward? I have developed ‘Africa’ as a topic myself for the A/W 2017/18 trend reports I am lecturing, and I was very happy to see I am in line with NCS. It’s a very inspiring topic.

  15. Hi Gudy,

    Loving the trends right now. I’ve been asked to be a speaker at a retreat in April, I’m going to be talking about brand colour confidence, this would be a great resource for my speech.

    I love reading your posts, you are my go to trend setter.


  16. I love this post. I am working for a new to start safari outfitters brand, making sustainable luxery travel outfits. A part of the details are made by Masai women to provide income. Finding the exact amount of simple style, glamour and strong clothes with multipurpose use and accessoiries is so interesting! xxx

  17. Would love to receive the NCS Colour Trend Guide… Would be so inspiring and helpful. My ceramics would thank :)

  18. Unfortunately not with the first 50 to reply, but my compliments to this great post and this nice chance/offer! Love to win too of course!

  19. I am sure I did not make it into the lucky winner lot, but wanted to say that this made my morning- A lovely sunny day and a world full of color to inspire me through the year! I especially love how New the brown tones look.

  20. Dear Gudy,
    thank you so much for your inspiring blog and work!
    I´m very excited to learn more about the Colour Trends 2018.
    Best regards, Claudia

  21. Great idea and opportunity to be inspired by Colors! Thank you for working on this collaboration. I love color combination and always wait to be inspired by any way! Very happy that I found your account and subscribed! Keep going!

  22. Muy interesantes las tendencias para el 2018. Me encantaria poder tener la guia. Gracias por compartir las novedades Gudy 😊!!!

  23. This is wonderful! I love all your content and have found it exstrelemy helpful in my interior design business. Thanks again! Look forward to the color guide gift!
    Laura Thurman

  24. We love your work and sensibility with us. this is amazing and I’m a especialist interior designer color. So this podt is wonderfull for my work. Tks

  25. Gudy eres pura inspiración, la paleta de new Africa me ha robado el corazón! Esa guía es muy top!!! Gracias por compartir y tu generosidad, besos bella!!!

    1. Si, a mi me encantan estos colores también. Que bien que te hayas podido inscribir. Me alegro mucho, bonita. Un gran abrazo.G.

  26. This trend report is great. Finding source material is often overwhelming. Thanks so much for being a great source of inspiration.

  27. Hi! You really inspire me to forecast interiortrends in the hospitality branche. I would be so happy if I could receive a copy. Thanks in advance sooooo much!!!

  28. I have taken your online course and find your posts totally divine, as a textile designer I am a big fan of your trend and colour directions.

  29. What beautiful colors these are. Unfortunately, fans in the USA didn’t get this blog post until later in the day.

  30. Wow I see I am so late leaving a comment and to sign up with the time difference it’s difficult to be among the first 50. But I will still try since I love to receive the printed trend guide. It will help with my surface pattern design. Love reading and receiving your color trends and inspiration.

    1. Please see the update at the end of the post: the giveaway is still open so please go ahead and sign up:)

  31. It is alway a joy seen your inspirational information. The most difficult thing is to decide the right colors to put into the production lines among the many which are proposed from different agencies but you always give good and easy solutions which help out a lot .
    Thank you Gudy

    1. You are very welcome and yes, there is so much information around us, it is not always easy to decide. Intuition, experience combined with stats plus trend knowledge is my recommended approach :)

  32. New Africa colors are so inspiring! Would love to get this ncs inspirational guide!!! It would really help for my blog and interior design business :)

  33. Wow this is just what I wanted for a sensory project I’m working on and luxurious minimalism is the perfect theme for it with such soothing but rich colours. Thanks Gudy for sharing this, absolutely love it xx

  34. Hi,

    you do a great job! Beautiful Colours and trends!
    I am sure the fandeck would be useful for my work – so we will see if I am right in time :-)

    Warmest regards
    Gabriela Kaiser

    1. Thanks, I will offer another very expense course soon. Meanwhile I am afraid, the giveaway closed last Wednesday :)

  35. Fantastic inspirations…thanks! Just discovered your blog today and love it. These colour trends are right on time for me. Thanks.

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