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New Trend Report: The Maker Culture 2024/25

The Maker Culture Trend Package

We promised our newsletter community to bring back digital trend reports. You might have participated in choosing the artwork for the cover a few weeks back, and here we are with a value-packed trend package and an hommage to the Maker CultureWith this report, we take a different approach to our usual topics. The groundwork comes from a trend conference I gave at a design festival organized by the Arts&Crafts Association in January.

The Maker industry, particularly craftsmanship, is going through a profound shift.

What Is Going On

In a slowing economy, uncertainty makes it hard for personal brands to navigate. Imagine being able to hone your strategy knowing what’s next in the Maker Culture. Brand trust, no matter how small or large the brand is, is hot currency – people crave honest answers and actions in a world where they’re not sure who to rely on. As a maker, you need to have a solid standing in answering consumer values.

What’s the role of the maker in 2024/25? How to be connected to craftsmanship and aligned with future directions and innovation?

Any maker needs to be in tune with what the market looks for today. You know it’s crucial to have consumer insights and their changed needs and values. But how do you pursue change without losing your signature or essence?


The Maker Culture Trend Report for 2024/25 ©Eclectic Trends

The Reason Why We Created This Report

Any maker needs to be in tune with what the market looks for today, including a fair understanding of consumer behaviour. We concentrate on the new maker role by sharing four directions. That’s what the 100+ pages report is for.


The Bonus That Helps Creating Change

Our report has a backup. We want to help you anchor the learnings, challenge you to bring to paper thoughts and ideas, go through exercises, think further, research and get into ACTION. Voilà our Workbook to help craft your own strategy!

The Maker Culture Workbook ©Eclectic Trends

Who benefits from it?

The Maker Culture report is for you if you feel disoriented about what’s happening in the arts&crafts industry and where you could implement change.
It helps you to rediscover the interdisciplinary crossroads between art, crafts, design, innovation, technology and sustainability through 11 success stories.

The Package Will Help You

  • See in one document the bigger directions within the Maker Culture (we did the research for months for you)
  • Understand how to speak to your consumer whose needs have changed
  • Create that new experience on your website, rewrite your texts, focus on specific numbers and share these, communicate better your assets
  • Give you the confidence to argue and plan a new or improved business strategy which is aligned with your values


What is included?

1. The digital Trend Report

  • 112 pages
  • 11 success stories
  • 3 exclusive interviews from the makers
  • 4 key takeaways for makers
  • 4 key takeaways for brands
  • a colour palette with CMYK, RGB and Pantone codes
  • numbers (statistics)
  • additional prime examples of acknowledged makers

2. The workbook

  • 20 pages focussing on consumer behaviour
  • many exercises to reflect on and activate your strategy

In A Nutshell

  • You access a download to
    • A 112-page report including four directions that reflect the new Maker role.
    • A workbook that invites to go through exercises and define your own strategy based on consumer insights. You get examples of how other makers and brands operate, too.

The Maker Culture Trend Package for 2024/25 ©Eclectic Trends

Artwork by ©Rafafans

Please visit our Maker Culture site and learn more about our latest trend package!


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