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Now open: ByFryd and Hilde Mork team up with an artwork on-line shop

Jeanette Lunde and Hilde Mork have opened up last Friday together an on-line shop of beautiful artwork with off set prints and limited edition of 100.
Both ladies run their own and let me say, very nice blog but have teamed up now for this common (ad)venture. I have been following them along at Instagram and was very much looking forward to the final project.
And here it goes along with a small interview to get a little bit more information behind the scenes and their thoughts:

And here it goes along with a small interview to get a little bit more information behind the scenes and their thoughts:

What stands HYSJ for and how did you ladies come together?

H Y S J means HUSH.

H Y S J stands for Hilde + Jeanette and our creative world.

The little sprout in the logo is a symbol of our magic meeting and how we started our journey…

We wanted to find a tiny, small, but still strong word that could give people a hint of our work.

We want people to stop and enjoy the beautiful moments in life, – here and now.

Since HYSJ describes this quite well, and it starts with an H for Hilde and ends with an J for Jeanette, we totally fell in love with it…


What is it that made you tick and wanted to cooperate with each other?

Our profession as graphic designer and bloggers was the first link.

After almost one year of living in the same city we finally met, and it just clicked.

We have so many similarities in life.

To meet a soul mate is rare, and it just makes us stronger that we actually can be so personal and liberated in our work process.

It’s magic…


Your collections really reflect the visual identity one can see from your two blogs. But I am very curious about the horse prints. It’s been a total surprise when visiting your shop the day of your launch.  Is there a story behind you’d like to share?

We have both a strong interest in old things and reuse.

The horses have been in our homes for a while, they have this lovely feel of excitement for life.

The white colt (- föll – ) is so happy and still majestic, and the mother and child (- two-) are so vulnerable, though strong in their pose and color.

They are both secondhand and the horses carries their own secret stories, that we only can imagine.

Our collection reflects our humble approach to nature.

The choice of images communicates this, but also the choice of recycled paper.


It is probably an early question  but do you plan further designs and projects together?

Yes, we do!

We have many plans, and we keep on collecting ideas.

It’ s such a lovely journey!

Thank you Jeanette and Hilde for having taken the time. I really do love your work!


How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Oh what a lovely interview! Their friendship is such a sweet story along with the name – I had wondered… I find their work utterly exquisite now just deciding which I prefer the most. Mel x

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