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Innovative Materials: Off-cut timber transformed into trendy terrazzo design by Foresso

Foresso timber surface design

Meet Birmingham-based surface manufacturers Foresso.

Foresso timber surface design

Foresso uses timber offcuts and plaster waste to produce this stunning terrazzo sheet material.

Foresso focuses on moving towards a more circular economy, established by designer Conor Taylor as a reaction against the culture of disposable interiors and the waste produced by typical manufacturing processes.

Conor saw extremely high-quality wood regularly wasted in enormous quantities during processing, Delicate curls of planed wood and pieces of beautiful timber would, due to their unusual size or shape, regularly be pulped for filler or burned, he decided to take action.

Foresso timber surface design

Foresso timber surface design

Every last bit is used and even re-used on their own extraction dust so nothing goes to waste.

The company sources this material from local sawmills and uses it instead of stone to give the binding material a distinctively warm, textural detail.

As a practical, durable, and renewable material, it’s an ideal choice for interiors. The material can be used for interior surfaces including flooring, tabletops and wall coverings in all sorts of commercial and domestic environments.

Available in standard-sized sheets, it can be easily cut and altered with regular tools and is sealed using a combination of food-safe hard wax oils to reinforce a durable finish.

“We see waste as raw materials rather than something to be discarded, and we are deeply committed to reducing our ecological impact, This is not just through using recycled materials in our products, but also about reducing our use of plastics, designing our supply chain to reduce travel distances, and making thoughtful decisions in every aspect of our business.”


Foresso teamed up with Jake Solomon of architectural supplier Solomon & Wu to develop and manufacture Foresso’s first range of four designs, which is called the London collection.

Each product is inspired by the aesthetic history of a particular neighbourhood in the British capital and uses timber sourced from trees felled in London.

The selection of woods such as oak, plane, walnut and cedar gives the different products their particular character, which is complemented by the choice of binder colour.

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Foresso timber surface design

Foresso timber surface design

Foresso timber surface design

Images courtesy of Foresso

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