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Orange Fiber creates fabrics from your fruit bowl

Salvatore Ferragamo collab with Orange Fiber scarf made from citrus eclectic trends

Orange Fiber is a pioneering brand that has revolutionized the fashion industry by creating a patented material from citrus juice by-products. Through this innovative process, they have crafted beautiful, sensorial fabrics that redefine the sartorial experience.


In Italy every year, more than 700.000 tons of citrus juice by-products are produced, the disposal of which has high economic and environmental costs.

Orange Fiber


orange fiber image eclectic trends

At the heart of Orange Fiber’s fabrics lies a citrus cellulose yarn that can be seamlessly blended with other materials. The result is a 100% citrus textile, boasting a luxurious softness and silkiness, offering a lightweight and versatile fabric that can be tailored to various production needs – either opaque or shiny.

Orange Fiber prides itself on a low-impact industrial production process, developed and patented in Italy. By ingeniously combining two iconic pillars of Italian heritage – textiles and food – they have created high-quality, sustainable fabrics that address the demands for innovation and environmental consciousness in the fashion industry. Collaborators include fashion giants such as H&M, Salvatore Ferragamo and E.Marinella.

The foundation of Orange Fiber’s technology lies in extracting high-quality cellulose from citrus juice industry leftovers.


Surprisingly, these leftovers represent a substantial 60% of the weight of processed fruits.



Through their expertise, they take charge of the crucial initial production steps, preserving their intellectual property, while outsourcing secondary steps such as fibre making, spinning, and weaving to selected partners. The final product is then sold to fashion brands before the printing and design stages.

orange fibre process changing citrus into fabric eclectic trends

Orange Fiber’s pioneering approach to transforming citrus juice by-products into exquisite textiles goes beyond innovative material creation. It sets an inspiring example for the fashion industry, showcasing the potential of responsible consumption and circular economy practices. By repurposing waste from one industry to create something beautiful and functional, Orange Fiber demonstrates how sustainability and style can seamlessly coexist.

Fashion brands partnering with Orange Fiber not only gain access to unique and environmentally friendly fabrics but also contribute to a collective effort to reduce the industry’s ecological footprint. With Orange Fiber leading the way, a new era of fashion that cherishes both creativity and sustainability is on the horizon.

To find out more about the process and the mission behind the brand we invite you to watch this informative video by Conservation X Labs here.

E.Marinella collab with Orange Fiber scarf made from citrus eclectic trends

E.Marinella collab with Orange Fiber scarf made from citrus eclectic trends

Salvatore Ferragamo collab with Orange Fiber scarf made from citrus eclectic trends

H&M collab with Orange Fiber clothingmade from citrus eclectic trends

Photo Credits: Orange Fiber, H&M, Salvatore Ferragamo, E.Marinella

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