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Our Interior Design Book Wohnideen aus dem wahren Leben & a GIVEAWAY

Interior_Design Blogger_Book

It’s here! After month of curating, Igor, Ricarda and myself, we could hold in our hands the new interior design book we developed together with German publisher Callwey named Wohnideen aus dem wahren Leben.



The three of us took part as bloggers in the first edition showing our homes and have been invited to be jury members this time. It’s been a fun journey, and I have truly enjoyed that little side project.

Last week, we were honored to hand over the corresponding awards for Best Creative Project, Best Individual Style and Best Interior Blog in Munich (Germany). Kimberly, Anastasia and Mette deserved so much the corresponding awards, and it’s been a lovely ceremony.

Since Mette had been a monthly guest blogger on Eclectic Trends with her monthly and amazing DIY projects, I was specially proud to announce her as the winner of the first price (I really LOVE this pic of the two of us-it speaks a thousand words). It was such a grateful task since she did not know anything. When the announcement was made, it felt like a won that award myself:)



But let’s talk now about the 15 bloggers coming from different countries in Europe. Honestly, I believe this edition is a really great book covering seven chapters/trends which are GOLD, RETRO, MINIMAL, VERTICAL DECORATION, TROPICAL, COLLECTORS, and BOTANIC. There are many different styles what makes the book so interesting ranging from Scandinavian Minimal and Vintage to Mediterranean Contemporary.

Interior_Design Blogger_Book

Anastasia Benko

Interior_Design Blogger_Book

Hilde Mork

Interior_Design Blogger_Book

Transito Inicial

With special thanks to Callwey for having me and to Petra Harms being the author of the book with wonderful texts!

Now here goes the good news for all you lovely readers (and many friends) out there: You can win a couple of copies of this gorgeous book. The editorial will send you directly the book and all you have to do is 1) letting me know in the comment section below AND 2) subscribe to the list here. The lucky winners will be announced on my Facebook page on Monday, 21.

Ah, yes, the book comes in German but it’s very visual, you’ll enjoy it anyhow. Wishing much luck and a fab read! G, x

Up-date: The winners are published over here.

How about some extra inspiration?

21 Responses

  1. Oh wauw! I would love to win that book! The Bloggers are amazing and they always bring me so much inspiration ♡ hope I win!!

    X Jess instagram : @jess_vdberg

  2. Congratulations guys – it looks FAB!!! I can only imagine the hard work you’ve put into this. I would love to get my hands on a copy of this. /Niki PS I’ve subscribed! :) PPS Happy Friday!

    1. Hi Niki, happy Friday back and I’ll do the giveaway a couple of days longer. The winners are announced on Wednesday, 23 on my fb page:)

  3. Dear Gudy
    Thank you for the lovely give away and congratulations! I saw the book already ;) I follow some of the bloggers for a while and I’m German so this would be a perfect match for me!

  4. Wow! What an amazing journey! Many congratulations! So happy for you. I just know this book has to be fabulous Gudy. I hope to have it in my hands one day! Definitely a book to treasure. Wishing you a wonderful day x

  5. People like you inspiring me! When I started blogging few months ago I had ups and downs and i stopped blogging for a while. Then I have started reading other blogs again. Seeing the passion, motivation and incredible creativity- it made me to start blogging again! I only been blogging for several months now, and I don’t own amazing house ( I rent a small apartment -fully furnished with furniture I cant change- neither I can re-docorate) so I am trying to do my best to make my home place feeling like home on a budget. Despite not having own apartment I can show, I am still trying to keep going and not losing passion. Winning this book would give me another source of beautiful inspiration. I own few books already about interiors and I daily read them, watching stunning images. I don’t speak German but I have German roots ( my mum speak fluent German, perhaps she can translate it to me haha) I have met the lovely winner Kimberly few days ago, and she is a trully winner! She so deserve it! Her home is incredible, her style is unique and she is a genuine amazing person! Congratulation for you as well, beautiful and again tryly inspiring story! I wish I can make one like that one day!All best, Anna

  6. I would love to get this book!
    Moving to London a few years ago was my “open gate” to the world of interior design from all over the world. You bloggers with your different views, approaches and tastes do influence our projects and help us for a better involvement of trends and way of life. Thanks to you we have a huge window on what HOME might mean to all the people out there. Keep on your great job!

  7. First of all, I would love to congratulate the whole team for this lovely project. And second, I’d love to have that book!!!! Thanks you extended the period… Best wishes, Gudy!!!!

  8. Oooops! I’ve subscribed to the giveaway but forgot to leave a comment here!
    The book looks stunning and Mette totally deserved the award, I love her blog and yours as well.
    Keep up the good work, sending lots of luck your way and fingers crossed that I get the book (maybe? who knows?) :P

  9. Gudy, It looks like a fantastic book, Very inspirational. I am already a happy subscriber on your list. I always look forward to your forecasts always refreshing and out of the box. Adaptable and with very clear vision and multiple applicable end uses. Always fresh and appealing. Fabulous colour aesthetic and understanding. Very pleased and honoured to have been invited to collaborate with you as a guest Trend mood-board designer on your blog. You are the go to lady. Big generous spirit and passionate. Eternally grateful. Mirella Bruno.

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