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Our new Interior Design Blogger Book is launched!

We launched last Friday our new Interior Design Blogger Book Best of Interior – Wohnideen aus dem wahren Leben. German publisher Callwey asked Igor, Ricarda and myself again to repeat as jury members and this is what we did since the beginning of 2016:  First, each of us suggested a bunch of international bloggers to be featured in the book, selected then later the submitted images, proposed Instagramers whose style would fit and complement the book, defined the overall direction of book chapters and picked three lucky winners on categories such as Best Individual Style, Best Creative Idea and Interior Blog of 2016.

Interior Design Blogger Book

And finally Igor and myself we have contributed with a few extra pages on Interior Design Trends we believe are relevant for 2016/17. I’d love to offer you today a giveaway and send you a book.


The launch took place during an evening event at the design house Ambiente Direct including an award ceremony conducted by Igor presenting the book itself and the three categories we had previously decided should be awarded: Best Interior Blog for Jules from Herz&Blut, Best Creative Idea for Eva from Waldfriedenstate and Best Individual Style for Holly’s blog Avenue Lifestyle.

I’d like to share now a few pages from the book. It’s edited in German but that should not hold you back from joining in the draw today since it’s very visual and you can easily understand the blog names and categories.

Our new Interior Design Blogger Book is launched-Eclectic Trends


Our new Interior Design Blogger Book is launched-Eclectic Trends


Our new Interior Design Blogger Book is launched-Eclectic Trends


We wanted to include different styles to offer a wider range of ideas and inspiration for our readers and cover pretty much the entire home from living, dining, to kitchen, bedroom, kid rooms and bathrooms.

Plants play quite an important role in this issue, so does a good dose on individual taste reflected on quirky art galleries with wall hangings, wonderful textiles mixes and home offices to get inspired and draw ideas from.

House of Valentina

Our new Interior Design Blogger Book is launched-Eclectic Trends

Herz und Blut

Our new Interior Design Blogger Book is launched-Eclectic Trends

Avenue Lifestyle

Our new Interior Design Blogger Book is launched-Eclectic Trends

Herz und Blut

House of Valentina

This year’s edition has been jazzed up according to the spirit of (digital) times with a few Instagramers we thought you should know. I couldn’t help but recommending a lady from my hometown Barcelona which is Alejandra and her TheHangingPlants feed.

And, as mentioned before you can expect to read a few more trend articles on Terra, Playtime and Unknown Terrain I have featured in the book, whereas Igor explains why the Green Trend has become so relevant to your day-to-day life.

I hope you love it as much as we do! If you want to win a copy , please consider the TWO following steps:

1. sign up on this list and
2. leave a comment below

Please note you need to do both to run for the giveaway. That’s it. The lucky winner will be announced in this post on September, 21, 8pm (CET+1). Good luck all! G, x

NEWS: Dear Karen (kitwe), congratulations, you are the lucky winner. Please get in contact with us until September, 26 to receive the book. Thank you.

How about some extra inspiration?

79 Responses

  1. Dear Gudy,
    congratulations, what an amazing book! I am so exited about all the adorable interior ideas you are presenting. My Best wishes also go to the Award winners. Good Work!
    Best regards

  2. What a wonderful book! Because I love love love to see how people live, how they make up their homes and how they express their personality in their interior.
    Good work!

  3. This looks like another fabulous book in the series of Callway’s interior inspiration books. Trusting your expertise in choosing the best examples, I’d definitely love to win one copy.
    xx, Stephanie aka FrauSchmitt

  4. Congratulations! It looks so lovely and creative and visually pleasing! I have such a keen interest in how these wonderful homes are styled and created! This book would be great!’

  5. Big big Congratz on you new book. It looks amazing and very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your view on trends and sharing your view on interior design and styling. Hope to read this book soon and dwell deep into inspiration.

  6. Good work, such a wonderful book with amazing photos!
    My ideas are growing by watching your inspiring creation. Yesterday at work (a publisher in Northern Germany) I had the honor to pack off this one which we got as recension copy. I was absolutely inspired and I almost wished to steel it for my own book shelf :D I love Jules from @herzundblut and many others of the presented bloggers – already knowing them from Instagram – and it’s really nice to “have them printed in my hands”!

  7. This book looks amazing! I am so drawn and inspired by the beautiful imagery. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy to have a look at all the pages.
    I am already a subscriber to the e-mail list.

  8. Hi, I rely on your site for my day to day work as a New Product Manager. I get inspiration to drive our brand. I’m already subscribed and would love to get my hands on a copy! Cheers, Cara.

  9. Gudy! Tell me your secret for being so super active! I would love to read this beautiful book :) and I am of course a long date subscriber. XoXo

  10. Hola Gudy, que refrescantes imágenes,creo que mi estudio necesita este libro sobre la mesa!!!!!,gracias por tu contribucion al interiorismo Vivo!!!

  11. Newly subscribed to your newsletter and not disappointed. I am fairly new in the industry and find the content very inspiring when I feel stuck on a project. The book looks amazing too!!

  12. What a wonderful surprise!!! I just read your email and I’m excited! I am already a newsletter subscriber and I admire what you create. I hope to win this amazing and ispirational Book and have the chance to keep it in my hands soon. Looks fantastic!

  13. Me encanta! Creo que es muy inspirador poder tener este libro, aparte de ayudarnos a descubrir creativos y gente muy interesante en el mundo que tanto nos apasiona, que es el interiorismo, el diseño y las tendencias! Muchas felicidades Gudy! Seguro que quién consiga este libro tendrá un buen soplo de inspiración cada vez que lo lea! Preciosas imagenes!! Un saludo.

  14. Wow the book looks amazing and very inspirational!! I bought my very first home and this book would be amazing for inspiration! Fingers crossed!! I’m a huge fan of the website 😘

  15. Felicidades por este nuevo proyecto Gudy, estoy suscrita al newsletter hace tiempo y siempre encuentro inspirador tu trabajo y tu ideas. El libro luce suculento y seguramente será muy útil para el afortunado ganador.

    Un saludo

  16. ¡Precioso libro! Qué ganas de redecorar mis propios espacios…
    Soy suscriptora, porque siempre veo algo inspirador en tus posts, las fotos y los links que compartes…
    ¡Enhorabuena por tu trabajo!

  17. Dear Gudy,
    the book looks amazing! I would be very happy winning it and looking through it with a nice cup of coffee by my side. :) Oh and I am already a newsletter subscriber.
    Alles Liebe aus Deutschland

  18. The book looks amazing and I would really love to win signed copy of it!! Your blog and IG account are so inspiring and creative, I enjoy it every time!!

  19. Great Book, Ist`s a wonderful Inspiration for the reader to see the lovely interior homes. I wisch I could win these book!!

  20. From the moment I subscribed a few months back I’ve been fed the most amazing feast of visual inspiration and advice by your newsletters and website. I’m particulalrly impressed by your ethos which focuses on support for other designers as we can be a very insular bunch, but you have created a beautiful community around you.

    This is a gorgeous publication and will be much treasured by all who read it.

  21. This book looks great!! Would love to flick through it with a mug of tea..
    I’m already a subscriber to your newsletter ;)

  22. I love being an existing newsletter subscriber to Eclectic Trends as I get so many wonderful opportunities to see great books like this! Thanks and can’t wait to see it. :)

  23. Those few pictures make I want to change my living space…
    What will happen after knowing whole book :)
    Live! Love! Create!

  24. I’m a newsletter subscriber and I’m also studying interior decoration and design. I would absolutely love s copy of this book! 💕

  25. Hi Gudy,
    I hope you are well! It has been a while since you wrote a trend article for the Designer Chicks magazine. I am still living in Sydney and would love a copy of a German interiors trend book! Congrats to all the winners.
    Best from Down Under,

    P.S. I am signed up for your newsletter already.

  26. What a beautiful book. I already saw about it on Avenue lifestyle blog and it looks pretty awesome. (Btw i’m already a subscriber:) )

  27. Hello Gurdy
    I am an avid follower of your blog already, have been signed up for about a year. I love your post on Mood Boards, Color and up and coming trends. The book looks fabulous. I would love to win one.
    Thanks so much,
    Mary Jane Mitchell

  28. Hi Gudy, being a subscriber has expanded my world to new inspirations and also made me feel like part of a creative community. I am always recommending you to anyone interested in design. The new book looks fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing your work :)

  29. Dear Gudy,
    I´d love to own your new book! The last one was so inspiring… :-))
    (I´m already a newsletter subscriber).
    Best regards to Spain

  30. What a fantastic book – it looks absolutely beautiful!! I would love to win it and am already signed up to your email list. Thank You!!

  31. This book is enriching as a Franco South African designer living in the UKI I should be in Europe, 10 steps ahead of the British trends So want to join you in Barcelona …..,

  32. Hi Gurdy, I was inspired by your Moodboarding course, and have found the tools I learnt there very useful at work. I’m sure this new book is going to be a winner too. I’m already a subscriber. Thanks!

  33. Felicidades por el libro! Las imágenes me parecen muy inspiradoras.
    Me encantaría ganar la copia para tener un libro de regente iba para la decoaración de interiores y para poder practicar el alemán con contenidos que me interesan.
    (Soy ya suscriptora de la newsletter)

  34. Es increíble todo tu trabajo, el estilo y el cariño, casi se puede tocar. Gracias por compartir tus imágenes, ideas, trucos y por supuesto…también el libro :)

  35. Congratulations on the book launch! Great winner choices, though I have to say that all contributors do such amazing work. Would love to read the book and enjoy the beautiful interiors. Best, Juliane

  36. Amazing, how wonderful you made this again:)
    You and your work are of great inspiration to me, and I would love to have a hard copy filled with pictures that have inspired you.
    Thank you for sharing what you do:)

  37. Thank You for Your Work and inspiration!
    Im very courious of that kind of book, and can’t imagine how hard Work It was. Will be such a great honor to win a copy.. To try to Learn from my favorite trend setter and bloger.

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